Valentina Sampaio Net Worth 2022 – Biography, Wiki, Career & Facts

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Valentina is the first-ever transgender person who appears as a model on the Victoria’s Secret Model runway. Because of her skills and beauty, she is considered an inspiration for the various transgender models worldwide.

Valentina is one of the most famous transgender professional models, Instagram stars, and popular social media personalities. She belongs to Brazil, and she worked for many magazines till now. She became famous by being the first transgender model to have appeared on the cover of a French magazine.

Valentina Early Life and Bio

Valentina was born on the 10th of December in Aquiraz, a state of Brazil. She was born as a male, but according to Valentina, she always found interest in girly things and being in a female environment. She said that when she was eight years old, her mother took her to the psychologist. In childhood, she had a vast collection of dolls.

When she turned ten years old, she decided to change her name to Valentina. Because of was a transgender person, she kept much of her information personal. She graduated from college. According to some sources, she is studying architecture.

Valentina Journey towards a Professional Model

When she was young, she always dreamed of being a top model despite her gender problems. She started her journey in Nov 2016. She made her first debut at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. After some time, she worked with the brand L’Oreal Paris and then they also shot a video with Valentina.

After seeing her passion for modeling, L’Oreal made her their brand ambassador. But she got real fame when she made her appearance on the cover of Vogue Paris magazine as the first transgender woman. Additionally, she worked with many other brands, including Moschino, Vanity Fair Italia, Philipp Plein, Elle Mexico, and L’Officiel Turkiye.

Valentina Work as an Actress

She also decided to participate in the acting field after gaining huge fame in the modeling industry by being a transgender model. In 2017, she got her chance. She made a debut role in the movie named “Berenice Procura” as Isabelle.

Valentina Journey towards Victoria Secret

She is the first model who is lucky enough to be a part of victoria’s secret as a transgender girl. This hot and beautiful model made her way towards the big name and broke the fantastic news by posting a picture in a fluffy bathrobe on Instagram.

Valentina Social Media Accounts

She is one of the top models currently who is working with big brands. Although most of valentina Sampaio net worth is gained by modeling career, she is also considered an Instagram Star. She has almost 445k followers on Instagram, and she interacts with them happily, and her fans admire her every time she posts anything.

Valentina Sampaio Net Worth

Valentina Sampaio Net Worth

Valentina earned all the fame and money from her modeling career. Valentina Sampaio’s net worth is almost 3 million dollars, which she earned by being a hardworking and beautiful transgender model. She worked very hard for such a position.

Challenges faced by Valentina

She always dreamed of being a top model in the modeling industry, but her gender always was a problem for her to be a part of the industry. But she made her way towards it with hard work. She faced many challenges, but she didn’t give up.


Her life was like the quote which says, “there is always sunshine after the rain.” This diva girl went through many things, but she never stopped dreaming about being the top model. For fulfilling that dream, she left her family and hometown. But now she is the very famous diva.