Women’s Health Tips for Heart, Mind, and Body

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Women Health Tips for Heart

If you want to live a healthy life it is not such as difficult thing, you can do it by using some simple tips. Good diet exercise, stress reducing plans are basics of healthy life.

Daily Exercise:

Daily Exercise
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Exercise on daily basis has the positive effect on your health. Regular exercise increases your energy level help to control weight and protect yourself from the deadly disease like hypertension and heart diseases. Exercise keep your heart healthy develop muscles and bone validity as well. Every week goal is to do moderate activity for 2 and half hour like fast running and dancing. If you are not feeling tired with too much exercise, adhere to one week for one hour and 15 minutes activity like running or playing tennis. If you are busy do short activity for a whole day. Walk frequently, walk 10,000 steps in a day, try to use stairs instead of the car to fulfill your destination.

Lose Weight:

Lose Weight
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The risk of heart disease diabetes cancer would be low if you lose your weight. Drop your weight slowly and steady. Being dynamic and best food attempted to lose 2 pounds in a week. 300 minutes of workout is required to lose a lot of weight in a week. Avoid sugar coffee drink and soda. In the contract of these things, salad dressing brown bread nuts and fruits are beneficial in weight losing.

Visit your Doctor:

Visit your Doctor
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Visit your doctor regular help to stay you healthy because he knows your medical history. If you have osteoporosis he may recommend in taking more calcium and vitamin D.
Your doctor suggests screening test check your health condition if you suffer from any disease. Communication with your doctor is beneficial for you, Ask your doctor if any question arises in, your mind related to your health, If you are not satisfied with treatment to consult him.

Cut Down your Stress:

Stress is injurious to your health you can’t ignore it you can seek the method of getting comfort. Here are some ways to cut down your stress

Here are Some Ways to Cut Down your Stress:

Cut Down your Stress
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You should decrease stress by taking a deep breath. It helps you to feel relax, to increase your energy level. Yoga help to reduce stress in mind and lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Massage is the other way to relax your muscles. Exercise on daily basis helps you to sleep better and produce endorphin which acts as a natural painkiller, Healthy meal on time help you to reduce stress, provide you comfort and increase the level of the hormone that fights against stress. Communicate to your friends and family it is helpful in reducing the level of stress, try to avoid stressful misunderstanding and reduce tension in our relationships.

Develop Healthy Habits:

Develop Healthy Habits

If you develop some healthy habits they will protect you from many problems. One of the most common serious habits now a day is smoking try to refrain from smoking also restrain yourself from the intake of alcohol. Take your medicine as your doctor suggested and a nap for 8 hours, Don’t go out from 10 am to 3 pm and apply sun block before going out, it may help uh in different ways

Spend your time on your health, keep yourself healthy and fit, solve your health problems, think positive and feel good it can change your life forever.

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