Yoga Tips For Eyes – How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy?

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Can yoga actually help in relieving eye strain and other health issues related to the eyes? Or can it actually improve your eyesight? There are many claims made but there isn’t any scientific evidence that can prove it.

Whether yoga is helpful or not, there is at least no harm in practising it. And many yoga tricks good for your eyesight are very easy to do and don’t require you to take too much time out of your schedule. You can try out these simple yoga tricks that may help in improving eyesight or reducing your eye strain. Or you can order glasses online such as digital strain glasses or computer glasses.

Focus Shifting

You can do this exercise anywhere, whether it is your home or in between your office breaks. You simply need to sit straight and follow these steps.

  1. Stretch your left arm and point your thumb upwards
  2. Focus on your thumb tip
  3. Move your left arm towards the right and slowly move them as far as you can
  4. Follow the movement of your thumb tip
  5. Slowly bring your thumb back to the original position
  6. Keep following the movement with your eyes.
  7. Now do these steps with your right arm
  8. Repeat these steps several times

Doing this exercise shifts your focus and you move your eyes in all directions. When you are working on a computer or reading a book or doing any work that requires a lot of attention, you are straining your eyes to see in that position for hours. Your eyes start hurting because of this monotonous rhythm.

When you are shifting your focus from one point to another, you are relieving the strain in your eyes by moving them all around. You can do this exercise whether you have perfect vision or you use prescription glasses, this exercise can help you to relieve eye pain.

Eye Rolling

Rolling eyes can be an inappropriate gesture when you are talking to someone but this is a healthy exercise for your eyes.

  1. Sit straight and look up towards the ceiling
  2. Now move both your eyes to your left side slowly
  3. Then slowly look down
  4. Move both your eyes to your right side slowly
  5. Then look up and continue this circular movement a few times

This exercise is also good for relieving your eyes from eye strain and fatigue.


This exercise also helps in relieving your fatigue and eye pain. You can do this exercise after you feel tired from your work and need a quick fix for your eyes to keep working on.

  1. Rub both your palms together vigorously
  2. When your palms are heated up, put them on your eyes
  3. Repeat these steps a few more times

The heat from your palms relieves your eyes from fatigue. It is similar to hot patches on tired legs.

There are many similar easy tricks to relieve your eyes. All of them shift your focus to a certain distance or some direction.

Other methods for relieving eye strain

  1. Use eye drops

Artificial tear drops are made of elements of tears that lubricate your eyes. This can relieve your eyes from digital strain and dry eyes. If you work for long hours on a computer, then it is better for you to use teardrop solution regularly. It will provide your eyes moisture that is getting dried from working on computers or digital devices regularly.

  1. Use Blue light blocking glasses

If you are a prescription glasses user, then you should start using better glasses that will benefit your eyes. Blue light glasses help in blocking blue light emission from computers and other digital devices. Wearing these glasses will help in relieving eye strain and other side-effects of blue lights.

  1. Transition lenses are also useful

Wearing transition glasses gives you a comfortable and clear vision. These glasses can be used anytime and anywhere. You won’t strain your eyes working on digital devices wearing these glasses or get affected by the harsh sunlight. Your eyes will have a comfortable vision.

  1. You can put potato peels or cucumber slices over your eyes

Potato peels or cucumber slices will provide relief to your tired eyes. It cools your eyes and even gets rids of puffiness or dark circles.

Why is using better glasses a better option?

You can try out yoga, eat a healthy diet but all these will not have an immediate effect. Wearing good quality glasses will give you comfortable vision all the time, reducing eye strain after long hours of work. If you need fast prescription glasses available to you as immediately as the next day, then you can try to order your glasses from Specscart. You can get fast prescription glasses in good quality and stylish frames. And all that at affordable prices. Simply check out the site to know more.