Can The ‘Ziplock Bag For Cars’ Keep Floodwaters Out?

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Ziplock Bag For Cars

HOUSTON (KTRK) — in step with the Insurance Council of Texas, nearly 300,000 vehicles were affected during Hurricane Harvey. However, A relatively new product on the market promises to protect your vehicle the next time it floods.

Stephen Parven’s Toyota Avalon Hybrid technically flooded during Harvey, however, lived to drive another day. Nearly 5 feet of water filled his garage in Meyerland. But he used something called E.V.P., otherwise knows as Extreme Vehicle Protection to stop his car from flood damage.

“Took the bag off, not a drop inside. My goodness, what a relief,” Parven explained.

The Developers of E.V.P. appeared on ABC “Shark Tank” last year and their product was funded by Daymond John. several have delineated it as a Ziploc bag for your vehicle.

After Harvey, Supratik Moulik saw the requirement to bring it here and worked with the corporate to represent the merchandise in Houston.

“It’s additionally water-resistant, therefore once the water rises the automotive is fine,” Moulik same.

To demonstrate, we have a tendency to used a BMW 3-Series luxury automobile.

“You unroll the bag and confirm the zipper aspect is facing out. Have one or 2 individuals book the bag, so drive the automotive in,” Moulik explained.

Once the vehicle is within, the motive force exits and zippers up the bag. Next, take the provided rope and tie the corners toward the highest of the automotive, with the zipper elevated similarly.

“We advocate after you place it in your garage, clean off the realm. confirm there is not any nails or sharp rocks. Nothing that is getting to puncture the bag,” Moulik same.

Once our check pool was inflated, it had been full of water. once it reached 2 feet, the BMW was floating. we have a tendency to let the automotive float within the pool for concerning AN hour.

“Now we have a tendency to drain out the water, kind of like, however, flood water would recede, so deflate the pool, take the automotive out and check and confirm it’s dry,” Moulik told the United States.

After we have a tendency to opened the bag, the automotive was dry. Not a drop of water was thereon and began at once.

Depending on the vehicle, Moulik says the E.V.P. comes in numerous sizes, with the value vary between $300 and $450, that is a smaller amount than most contract deductibles.