The 3 Best Operating Systems and Their Strong Suit

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Operating systems come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Some are open-source, others require a license, and others like macOS are extremely closed. This variety also means that certain operating systems are better at some things than others. We’re going to talk about the three most popular operating systems in this article and their fortes.

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Windows is without a doubt the most popular and probably best altogether operating system out there. Countless computers come with Windows preinstalled as most developers prefer using it over other systems. Windows takes up over 75% of the OS market share for PCs.

However, it is not all just a trend as Windows really knows how to create an operating system. Win 10 is great for business, creatives, and even gaming. This can be hardly said for all operating systems. The Pro version has many built-in features that are advantageous for work and business.

With its latest release, Windows also included a lot of gaming features and direct Xbox integrations. There’s no need to mention that Windows is also the platform most preferred by developers, and it supports the highest amount of games. Peripherals and drivers are also easily synced.

However, Windows 10 has a few downsides too. The OS can be a bit slow sometimes and many people dislike the bloatware preinstalled by the company that can’t be removed. That being said, you might have some performance issues on Win 10 if you’re using an outdated computer.


When it comes to smartphones, Android is the go-to OS for most developers thanks to its open nature. It’s even hard to compare Apple’s iOS and macOS with other systems since they are so closed and can only be accessed by owners of Apple devices. Android, on the other hand, it’s used on more than 70% of all phones.

Android also has some pretty solid software. Its open nature is an advantage as users and developers can read and tweak the code. This means that slowing down the phones through software like on iOS wouldn’t be possible on Android.

The OS is great for gaming too. Google Play features a huge variety of games that people can play for free. You can play some classic casino and puzzle games but also something more resource-intensive like PUBG and Fortnite Mobile, for free.

Casino apps like the Gaminator slots can be downloaded for free on Google Play from any phone that features Android 4 and above. This means that roughly all Android users can gamble online for free. You can play classic slot games like Sizzling Hot, Book of Ra, Lucky Lady’s Charm, and many more by using a single app.


Linux is slowly but surely becoming a surprisingly great operating system with each day that passes by. Although it still has a few bugs, Ubuntu 20.04 is considerably better than macOS from many points of view. Linux is by far the best OS when it comes to business and work. A lot of providers use Linux for cloud services, hosting, and servers instead of other platforms thanks to its speed.

With each Linux installation, you get a rather barebone package, without any bloatware, and only with minimum utilities. You can customize it as much as you want by removing and installing anything you want. With ProtonDB, Steam is also making a huge number of games available to Linux users, opening the door wide to gamers.