404 Area Code in Atlanta, Georgia

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The area code 404 is situated in the state of Georgia that serves landline and cellphones. The 404 area code was first supplied in 1947. In 1954 the area code 404 covered the whole area of Georgia.

Mostly people of Atlanta connect this area code because it helps in a local business. Now Georgia is served by a large number of area code and its cover maximum 792,085 phone numbers.

But if you want to avail phone number with 404 codes, you can’t get the phone number with this area code. The national organization that issues numbers with area codes is not issuing further phone numbers.

History Of The Area Code 404

Area code 404 was created in 1947 in North America as one of the original numberings. It served the whole state of Georgia. In 1954 when the population of Atlanta grew, 912 applied to the central areas of Atlanta’s states.

There was a high demand for phone numbers in the 1980s, then 707 area code works to resolve the issues. Each area code numbers have around 8 million phone numbers.

The 404 area code has been used in Atlanta, the city of Georgia, for six decades. The senior director said that last proceed to the area code 404 on Oct 11.

What Time Zone Does The Area Code 404 Follow?

The area Code 404 follows the Eastern Time zone in the months of autumn and winter. Atlanta follows Eastern daylight time during daylight saving in summers. You should keep one thing in mind that these time changes are significant for running the business in Georgia. You always connect your business to follow these timings.

Why You Get A 404 Area Code Phone Number?

A 404 area code number has been used as a new phone number. Mostly Business companies support this as a new dialing number. When you add the 404 area code to the local calls allows you to use a numbering system.

A 404 area code has a low price; that way, people often choose it. This area code is helpful for a highly-skilled population, living persons, public transportation, and business.

Where 404 Area Code is Work?

Atlanta is a magnificent and most populated city in Georgia. The 404 area code works as an economic and cultural hub and many other major corporations that are located in the neighborhood. The 404 area code works in many companies or areas like; headquarters of the Coca-Cola Company, ups, AT&T, Delta Airlines and the Home Depot, etc.

What Is The Bottom Line OF Area Code 404?

As you know that Atlanta being a hub for significant growth and activity so you can start a business here. Anyone can start a business here, which a sensible step. When you start a business, local virtual numbers make this step faster and easier.

You can quickly get the 404 area number from Global Call Forwarding. Within this area code, you can increase your clients. You can also take advantage of Atlanta’s expending economy today.

Use Area Code 404 As A Brand

When you feel an error on your site, a 404 area code is always ready to help you. Many companies have connected to area code 404. Sometime when your core color scheme does not work, area code 404 is the best chance to show your brand’s personality.

You can easily make a good impression on your visitors. You can call them anytime to help and get a caller on their way.

Area Code 404 Counties Served

As you know, area code 404 served landline and cellphone in different portions of Atlanta. The entire region of Atlanta, which is the largest in the US, uses 404, 770 678/470, and parts of 706/762 is a local calling area.

Area code 404 has no long-distance charges for applied calls, one part of the region to another region. You can quickly get this connection on your landline. There are multiple area codes in use for Atlanta. If area code 404 is not working, you can change your area code as 404/678l770.

Benefits Of Using A 404 Area Code

  1. Expand Business

You can quickly expand your business to a new location by having the 404 area code. You do not need to change your phone number; you can run your business to a new virtual location with a local number. Area code 404 updates and connects you with the business community.

  1. Save Business

There are so many competing companies that offered by Global Call Forwarding with help your business save. These competitive prices always guide and help you where it matters the most. You can accomplish your virtual phone number remotely online, which means you can work from anywhere.

  1. Advertising

When someone uses virtual phone numbers, they have a chance to track marketing efforts. They can advertise their business in specific regions. A 404 area code is also the right to start and grow a business. A local number also familiar to customers, making them more likely to answers a call from your business.

  1. Be local and Global

After connecting a 404 area code phone number, you will able to make your business global. You can get your customer’s comments and descriptions about your business.

But a phone number with a local area code can be more private and trustworthy to potential customers and dealers. With its Influence on Global finance, culture, technology, and entertainment, you can be more global and local.

  1. Cover Number

A 404 area code always gives you a quick response when you receive unknown calls. Sometime when you are making outbound calls, your virtual phone number appears on the caller ID.

With this process, you do not have to share your personal information with them. So you can say that a 404 area code number works as a protective tool.

  1. Stay Accessible

You always stay reachable with this area code. It gives you advanced features like time of day. You can also use it as geographic routing to make sure you always answer. When a 404 area code works, you do not miss a beat because it provides you a quick response.


Atlanta is the largest city with this area code 404, serving a large number of populations. It serves as a district area code that uses in Atlanta’s suburbs.

A 404 Area Code is a helpful virtual phone number. That gives a trusted service provider for their users. You can easily enhance how your business runs and expends within this 404 area code.