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Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn is well famous as the future, is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer. He is among the best and most famous rappers in the world. In 2021, the net worth of the future is estimated to be $50 million.

If you are interested in the personal and professional life of the future, continue the reading. The article is going to be worth reading for this in this regard.

Early Life

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn was born on 20th November 1983. He is a rapper and has a huge fan following.

The future has replaced his album in the No.1 spot on the Billboard charts. He started his early career at a young age as a musician.

The future was born in Georgia and lived there for many years of his life. He was also a member of a group called Dungeon Family, and it would not be wrong to say that it was the start of the future’s career.

Future claims that he got a unique music style from this group. He used to mention his cousin, Rico. He was also a rapper and was a part of Dungeon Family. Rico encouraged the future and motivated him to write the lyrics of his songs. It can be said that Rico trained the future.

Personal Life

Ladies always surround the future. He has four children, but with different mothers, including Brittni Mealy, Jessica Smith, India J, and the famous singer Ciara. But he got separated from Ciara in 2014 due to the infidelity of the future.

The future was also sued by two of his former partners in 2016. Jessica sued the future for not supporting the child as father and neglecting the child. Ciara sued the future for being libel and defamation.

Currently, he is spending his life as a bachelor and is often criticized for not being with his children for a long time. Well, it is not possible for the future, as all of his children are from different mothers.

Ciara & Future Relationship

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 20th November 1983, the future is 36 years old. He is 1.88 meters tall, and his body weight is 70 Kg.

Professional Career

The future started his career by releasing a series of mixtapes, which collected massive fame for 1000 and True stories. And both of these got massive fame for the future. Furthermore, the future also released two more albums.

Before releasing the Streetz Calling, Future signed an agreement with Epic Recording, and it was proved to a significant step for the success of the future.

The future started his career in 2009, officially. He worked with Freebandz, A1, and Epic. He also wrote a few songs and produced some of his songs.

From 2014 to 2015, the future released a trilogy of mixed tapes, which includes Monster, Beast Mode, and 56 Nights.

In 2015, he released two more albums, name Future and Hndrxx. And both of these albums got the top positions among 200 US Billboard charts. The other popular music albums of Future include Evol, DS2, and What a Time To Be Alive.

The future has worked with many other singers, including Gucci Mane, The Weekend, Rocko, Young Thug, Jeezy, and Drake. And recently, he has appeared in the album of Taylor Swift.

Future Net Worth

In 2021, The future has an estimated net worth of $50 million. The future has earned this massive amount of money through music record sales and performances. However, the future also endorses various brands. The future earns millions of dollars by collaborating with other singers and through tours.

During 2020, the future earned $20 million, through music sales and television appearance. The future has a great love for cars and owns many expensive sports vehicles.

  • House And Cars Details

The future is a great fan of cars and owns a few of his favorite cars. Future loves to have luxurious cars such as BMW, Bentley Flying Spur, Lamborghini, Bentley Bentayga, and many other famous Luxury car brands.

Well, nothing much is known about the house and villas of the future. But it is expected that the future has expensive cars and a house of enormous net worth.

Future Net Worth

Awards And Achievements

Future was nominated for the Germany Nominated Singer and has also been nominated for many other awards, including American Music Award, BET Hip Hop Award, Billboard Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards. Further, the future has won two BET Hip Hop Awards and one BET Award.

Unique Style of Music

Every artist has a specific talent and which becomes the reason for his success. And the specialty about the future is the way he sings. Being a singer, it is a challenging task to rove the original and unique content every time. But, the future manages to provide unique content, which enables him to stand out.

The future uses the Auto-Tune to rap, but there are only a few singers who do like him. After the success of the future, many otter singers also try to follow and copy his way of singing.

Surprising Fact For Fans

The net worth of the future is $50, which has been estimated to increase in the coming years, with the release of new music albums.

After the release of his sixth album, the future launched a next album called Hndrxx. And this has made the fans even more excited and shocked. Both of these albums have given a tremendous performance and gained popularity among the audience.

Future has also collaborated with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran on the End Game. And which has become of the popular hits of all times.

Highest-Grossing Songs Of Future

The following are the highest-grossing songs of future

  • Mask, it was released in 2017 and was peaked at the 5th position
  • Love Me, was released in 2013 and ranked at the 9th position
  • Jumpman was released in 2015an got the 12th position
  • Used To This was released in 2016 and get the 14th position
  • Cold was released in 2017 and got the 16 position

Quotes From Future

There are multiple things that one can learn from the successful career of the future. The following are the first and inspiring quotes.

  • Everyone can be real and genuine. And somehow, someway, you want to be real and true
  • Every mistake you made lets you be honest. Because what is in the dark, will come in the light; so it is better to be truthful about it
  • It is not easy to show personal life, relationships; as you want the music to be on the top. And You want the music to be the biggest carrier of everything which you represent.

Final Thoughts

Future is one of the biggest, famous, and successful rappers of all time. The great singer is doing great work and therefore getting admired by legendary singers.

The net worth of the future is about $50, which comes from tours. The net worth of the future is going to show tremendous growth, as the potential earnings of the future are still on the rise.

Latest Update: January 1, 2021