5 Playsets That Kids Love

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Kids love to play. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, kids love to get lost in their imagination and play for hours on a playset. Not only are playsets fun, but they are also important to a child’s developing skills. For example, an outdoor playset is a great way for kids to learn skills such as climbing and balancing. An indoor or outdoor playset also provides kids with the opportunity to build social skills by playing games with others. At Home Shopping Malls, we consider ourselves experts on kid’s playsets so we teamed up with KidKraft to present five of our best selling playsets that your child is sure to love.

1. Ridgeview Deluxe Clubhouse Wooden Swing Set/Playset

Ridgeview Deluxe Clubhouse Wooden Swing Set/Playset

This KidKraft playset is the ultimate all-in-one. It’s a swing set, a playset, a clubhouse, and more. It features a rock wall, a slide, swings, monkey bars, a two-level clubhouse, a canopied table with two stools, a cafe window, a vinyl chalkboard, and a flower box. The Deluxe Clubhouse by KidKraft holds up to nine kids and is the perfect choice if you want to go all out for your kids.

2. Disney Princess Royal Celebration Dollhouse

Disney Princess Royal Celebration Dollhouse

The selection of KidKraft dollhouse is endless but our customers give a lot of positive feedback on the Disney Princess dollhouse since it allows their children to take part in the movies they love. This KidKraft dollhouse is four stories and stands over five feet tall. Each room is inspired by a Disney Princess story so that every princess doll has its own room.

3. Pirate Sandbox

Pirate Sandbox

KidKraft’s pirate sandbox playset offers a unique option that goes beyond the normal sandbox. With a shady canopy and pirate-themed toys and artwork, your kid can let their imagination run wild while on the seven seas of your backyard.

4. Let’s Cook Play Kitchen

Let’s Cook Play Kitchen

KidKraft kitchens are perhaps their most popular playset. With so many interactive features, your child will have all of the tools they need to cook decadent meals. Clicking, turning knobs, opening appliance doors, a pull-down faucet, and realistic burners with lights and sound provide hours of fun for aspiring chefs. There is tons of storage for play food, pots, and pans, or anything else your little chef needs. It even includes a play phone to take orders.

5. Disney Pixar Cars 3 Florida International Speedway

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Florida International Speedway

Last but not least, our customers give us rave reviews about how many hours their kids spend on this KidKraft playset. Kids can build their racetrack their way with 75 interchangeable pieces. If they are a fan of the Cars movies, they will find familiar buildings, characters, and scenery.