5 Top Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

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With 2 million-plus PV systems and counting installed in the US, it’s no shock that homeowners are considering whether a solar panel system might work for their home. Of course, any savvy homeowner doesn’t just want to shell out for a solar panel system without understanding what’s in it for them. It’s a major investment and people want a return on their investments.

If you see a solar panel system as a possibility for your home’s future, keep reading. We’ll cover five of the tops benefits you’ll enjoy from getting a system.

1. Save Money

Whether you live in Maine, California, or South Carolina, every homeowner prefers saving money over spending money. A solar panel installation takes you a big step in the right direction.

A solar panel system helps cuts your monthly utility costs. With an appropriately sized system and the right location, you can all but replace your grid usage with solar-generated electricity.

2. Support Your Local Economy

While you’ll undoubtedly look for the best solar panel installers, most solar installation companies are locally owned and operated. If you live in Charleston, for example, you can see an example of a local installer at blueravensolar.com/south-carolina/charleston/. These companies can also help explain solar panel installation costs and available programs to help cut those costs.

That also means that your solar installation helps support local workers and the local economy.

3. Minimal Maintenance

Solar panel systems are very low maintenance investments. A gentle rinse with your garden hose is usually enough. If you live in an area with a lot of dust, your panels may need the occasional wipe down with a bit of soapy water.

Beyond that, your main maintenance duty is checking the production levels of your system from time to time.

4. Help the Environment

One of the big draws of solar power for many homeowners is a chance for them to cut down on their carbon footprint. Solar power limits your reliance on grid power, which often stems from burning fossil fuels. The less electricity your home requires from the grid, the less fossil fuel burning that happens.

5. Better Home Value

Homes in high-sunshine areas like the Southwest see the most benefit from this, but a solar panel system can increase your home’s value to potential buyers. For buyers who feel the same way you do about helping out the environment, it can even boost prices in less sunny climes.

Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

Like any major investment, you should conduct some research before installing solar panels on your home. Look into the local installers and compare options. Get estimates on the system.

You should also look into the potential tax incentives and rebates available in your state. Even if you only qualify for one or two rebates or incentives, though, remember that solar panel systems come with the benefits noted above. If nothing else, your electricity bill will go down.

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