10 Best Ways to Save Money

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Money saving is a must needed process in our lives. We cannot go on without saving money as the living has become so very expensive. Also, we never know what the future holds for us.

So, it is better to save for the rainy days. Today, we will be guiding you with our top ten tips which will not only help you in saving money but also living the present time with full enjoyment.

Clearing The Debt:

The foremost thing in saving the money is clearing any extra charge or credit that you are paying. Cleaning the debt will free you from extra pressure, and you can save that money which you are paying in the name of interest to that debt.

When you are free from every kind of debt, you will be able to save for the future without tensions and also the things for which you have taken debt will automatically be yours. So, first step towards saving is eliminating your debt.

You Must Have Saving Goals:

You must make a list of what you want to save money for. Take a paper and write down your priorities in such a way that it should be clear to you what you want first.

Your saving goals can vary as some want to save for the future, while others have college funding in mind. Even the buying of a house or your favorite car can make its way in your goal list.

This saved money can be used in many projects of life such as college or retirement plans, a small trip out of the country, or buying a new house. If you are a first-time homebuyer, avoid making any mistakes that might toss your money and efforts into the trash.

Saving As Per Plan:

You must plan the saving as well. First, you set the goal now plan how you want to do the saving. What you can do is plan a weekly saving or daily saving in which you must put the selected amount in the box for saving as set by your plan.

If it is weekly, then trying to put the amount in the saving box per week and the same goes with daily plans.

Limit Your Habits:

Some people have habits such as drinking and smoking. No one really puts thought into this that how much money can be saved if we quit this unhealthy habit of ours.

Even many sayings and quotes go by in which quit smoking today and save for tomorrow moto is cherish.

Also, these activities and habits are not at all healthy. So, you will not be saving money but also saving your health from danger and problems as well.

Avoid Expensive Vacationing:

This is our habit that once we get our hands-on good cash, we become desperate to spend it as quickly as possible.

That is the moment we have to control our selves. Spending on expensive vacations and expensive and unneeded shopping does only will put a halt in your savings, but such spending will put you off the track as well.

Avoid such plans and if you are in desperate need of a vacation. Try to accommodate your budget as much as possible with the least expensive and easy trip.

Work on Your Saving Money Schemes:

Your money-saving schemes will only work if you keep a good check on them. Try to invent new ways to save as much money as you can. For instance, get your house meters and bulbs checked.

Install power saving systems. Avoid usage of extra lights and gas. Everything extra should be eliminated from your life if you want to save money for future and safe days ahead.

Basic Utility Saving:

You can always avoid extra utility as much of our money gets away in the form of utility.

Taking care of the house, of your car and take care of the family requires a budget and if you follow the budget, then I am sure you will succeed in saving a good amount and that too not in a very long period because of utility demands almost thousands.


Try to bring your own lunch at work. Although when you spend few bucks on lunch don’t seem that much but if you put them together for a year then it will become a lot and imagine saving all that money.

So, these are basic needs. You need to eat but eat what you can get from home. Plus, point: food will always be fresh and healthy. Another bonus point towards your health.

Keep Saving and Spending Separate:

Now, this is the biggest mistake that we people do when we are saving. We try to put the money we have saved in the current account, and we keep using that money by one excuse or another.

We should avoid this and try to make separate accounts. This will help us in keeping track of our savings and only in the hour of need, that money will be used.

Count you Spending Wisely:

Now this may be listed in the last, but it holds much importance. You must always count your spending. Where you have spent and how much you have spent will help you in remembering the amount you could have saved.

For instance, you went on shopping and crossed your limit you fixed for yourself. Avoid such scenarios.


If you follow the above mention tips, then I am sure that saving money for the future will not be a problem.

This saved money can be used in many projects of life such as college or retirement plan or small trip out of the country if that is your money saving a goal.

Also, it must have occurred to you that when you are busy saving money and in eating healthy and avoiding some dangerous habits, you are also paying attention towards your health and surely there is no big benefit than perfect health.