How to Get Instagram Likes: 8 Tips that Actually Work

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Heard the story of that famous ‘world record egg’. With no less than 53 million likes for the page’s first post and a figure just shy of 30 million for the rest of the posts, it is obvious that right techniques can get you as many likes as you wish. However, other conventional techniques of getting most likes include more naturally attractive content to be shared.

What Are Instagram Likes and Why Get Them?

Although we strongly believe that there should be no need for explaining what Instagram likes are. Yet for people who might have time traveled ahead a few centuries, it’s the number an Instagram post gets liked when viewed by people. With Instagram, likes are in the shape of a heart that you see on the bottom of any post. To like a post in shape of an image or video, you have to either double tap on the content or click on that heart shape.

Why you want Instagram Likes depends on the nature of your account. For personal accounts, it may just be bragging rights. However, for business accounts and profiles, it’s all about advertising your posts with products and services listed on them. As many likes your posts get, grander advertising avenues your brand or business can explore. Here are some of the best working techniques that will get you maximum likes on your posts:

1) Share High Quality Content – Photos and Videos

Great content = More likes

This is a universally accepted fact and some more hidden techniques for content quality are:

  • Faces Get Most Likes – With Instagram Likes, sharing yours or someone else face will get best results
  • Colors Make a Statement – Surprisingly blue pictures get 24% more Instagram likes than any other colored ones. Multicolored pictures also have 17% better chance of getting liked
  • Use Filters Wisely – Instagram provides various filters, choosing the right one can freshen up your pictures dramatically
  • Boomerang, Focus or Superzoom – These are uniqueness features added in the Instagram app. Use them to create video loops in both directions, blurring the background while face stays in focus and zoom automatically while a dramatic sound is being played.

2) Hashtags Are Significant

Using Hashtags wisely can significantly improve your number of likes. Unwise use of Hashtags could age users and Instagram too.

Hashtags help people find you on Instagram. To like you, they have to find you right. Some of the best examples always have relevant hashtags. Users can always select the ‘Don’t show for this hashtag’ option if they don’t relate to what they see.

Placing hashtags right is important as well. 2 to 3 tags in photo captions can work great. Instagram does allow for up to 30 tags per post however. Don’t make the mistake of using a default hashtag list for every post as well. They should vary as much as possible.

3) Tag Relevant Users

People usually work out as the best tags. Whey you want to tag someone you ask?

Well it is quite simple. You tag someone and they will like your post to share it on their own walls getting your content multiplied likes. If you have a hot selling products or service, this can quickly become a viral activity.

You can also credit people if they took the picture or tag them if they are somewhere in it. Use the @-mention in your caption for tagging people or go for the traditional tagging with # option to notify them.

4) Make Sure to Write Great Captions:

If you want to Get More Likes for your posts, make sure to write great captions. A visually pleasing content with a satisfying caption work like a charm in engaging viewers and getting their likes.

There is no character limit like there is on Twitter. Tell your story with captions and make images or videos highlight it. Mention your top followers in captions, humor followers as much as possible or even ask a question to engage them more. It all works.

5) Location Tags:

When you tag your location, your business offering certain products or services will show up on the map. Tagging location also makes it much simpler for people to discover photos and videos.

Statistically, posts with location tags get viewed more than ones without as well. It is a simple process:

  • Tap on ‘Add Location’
  • You will see some locations, search for yours
  • Select your location and post your content

6) Exploring the ‘Explore Tab’

Also known as the ‘Explore Page’, it is a place where you can show up to get most Likes on Instagram for your posts.

Where Is It?

The Explore Tab is the page that you see when you tap on the search icon down at the bottom of the Instagram app to the right of the home feed icon.

How to Feature On It?

Although Instagram has not specified a process for it, the best criteria to place content on the Explore Tab used by Instagram is:

  • Content that matches specific users interests
  • Content with high engagement
  • Content from Instagram accounts similar to ones followed already by the users

You have to Know Your Audiences, Listen Closely to what they want and Use Hashtags to feature on the Explore Page.

7) Post Consistently At the Right Time:

One thing you have to understand about posting on Instagram is that there are some perfect times for it. The programming on the platform shows posts posted a few hours ago sorting them with respect to the time of post on users home feeds.

Not only do you have to keep updating your content with new posts but also choose the right times to do it. If you have a business profile with products or services on it, nice and early in the morning would suit best as people in their offices or workplaces will come across it. For food places and restaurants, you’d want to post at later times in the day for your posts to show up instantly.

8) Buy Instagram Likes from Someone Capable:

You can do all these techniques when you have lots of time for them. When you need instant followers for your business profiles, you may have to look for experts in the trade.

Best Place to Buy Instagram Likes can be anyone who has a reputable portfolio. Take the example of the famous world record egg for example. Buying from such reputed company, you will be able to pitch your products or services to a wider audiences instantly.