Best Tips To Maintain The Air Conditioning System of Your Car

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Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system of your car offers more than a single benefit, especially in the summer season. It keeps circulating cool air inside the car and also filters out the pollutants to make the journey comfortable even in the harsh climates.

But, the hot weather puts a lot of pressure on the air conditioning system. Many times, it fails to provide proper cooling in the cabin. Along with this, dirt, dust, rain, debris etc., troubles its functioning.

To get rid of such issues the auto mechanics have a few advice for the car owners. These will keep the car cool without burning more fuel. Have a look at these tips.

Pre-Cooling Does Not Help:

Many people think that pre-cooling helps in keeping the temperature down inside the car. This is actually a myth. The truth is, the compressor of the AC works better when you are driving your vehicle. The faster your engine works, the better it’s for you AC. So, if you start your vehicle in advance to pre-cool your vehicle, it only results in the wastage of fuel. And since the wastage of fuel means wastage of money, it’s always better to start the A/C only when you are actually driving to the destination.

To cool down the interior of the car, it is better to switch on the fan and open the rear windows for a few seconds. It will help in blowing out the hot air from the window.

The front windows should not be kept open here. This will not solve the problem, so, the air will remain hot in the cabin.

Close The Windows While The A/C is Turned On:

It becomes tempting to get some fresh air while driving. Therefore, sometimes the drivers open the window while the A/C is on. They think that this will cool down the air of the cabin which is not true. On the contrary, it affects the working of the A/C and thus, puts more strain on the engine. The solution to this problem is to keep the windows closed while you are driving.

Adjust The A/C Properly For Decent Cooling:

It is very important to adjust the settings of the A/c in a proper way. Keep the temperature low and adjust the fan well. This will provide optimum cooling to the car. In addition to this, it will maintain a good level of moisture in the air. It will be easy to save fuel this way.

If you think that there will be more cooling by keeping the temperature high, then you are mistaken. Doing so, you will compel the system to burn more fuel.

Keep it Recharged:

Just like the engine of the car needs fuel to function, A/C system requires refrigerant. When the level of the refrigerant becomes low, it starts to create problems in the car. Therefore, recharge your car’s air conditioning system at the right time. You can refer your car’s owner’s manual to figure out the time period when the recharge needs to be done.

Do Not Forget To Clean The Air Filter:

The air filter of your car needs cleaning too. If the filter is full of dirt then it will disturb the quality of the air. It will also hamper the air flow. So, it is advised to check the air filter regularly.

If you have purchased your car recently, then it won’t take much time and effort to clean the fuel filter. But, in case of an old car, if you find the air filter very dirty then it’s better to replace it with a new one. This will keep the bacteria away which will eventually prevent the bad odor in the car.

Turn Off The Recirculation In The Car:

The air in the front is pushed toward the back of the car when the recirculation mode is turned on. Although it keeps the air cool in the front portion, the people sitting at the back of the car suffer due to it. That is why it is recommended to switch this mode off.

If your car’s air conditioning system is still facing problems then it’s better to refer to the owner’s manual. In addition to that, you can also take the car to a reliable car servicing center for air con service whenever required.