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She is an American actress or model and born on seven September 1969 in Akron. Angie Everheart is a powerful and inspirational woman. She earned a lot of money from her profession. Angie worked in many films and worked as a model for top commercial brands and ambassadors. She is very famous because of her red hair and gorgeous eyes. Angie diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and this was the worst time of her life. She faced the disease with great courage and spent a lot of money. Now, she is cancer-free and looks more beautiful than ever.

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Early Life

Angie Everheart is the youngest child in her home. She completed her graduation from Firestone High School in Akron. Angie is beautiful or worked hard, that’s why in a short time, she became famous. She has five siblings, and her full name is Angela Kay Everhart. She traveled to different countries and worked as a high demanding model. Angie was severely injured in the sky, driving, and recovered after many surgeries. Angie is alive and now 50 years old. Angie also loves smoking, but she is not a chain smoker.

Angie Everhart Personal Life

Personal life

She was first married in 1996 to Ashley Hamilton, but between them, understanding cannot develop, and in 1997 Angie got divorced. Then the one news went viral that Angie had an affair with Sylvester Stallone, but maybe it is real or fake. Angie got engaged in 2007 with Joe Pesci, but in 2008, Angie broke the engagement. Then she got married in 2014 to Carl Ferro and gave birth to a son in 2009. She has one more son from her ex-boyfriend.


Angie was just 14 years old when she started her career and first time worked for New York top Model Management. She was rejected in the beginning because of their red hairs and many people say to her, these red hairs now look old fashion. Angie never disappointed and started to work hard to prove the people wrong. Then finally, her picture appeared on the front page of a Glamorous magazine. She worked first in 1993 as the heroine in an Action movie. In 2000 she appeared on the front cover of playboy magazine. Angie made many debut movies and became a very successful model or actress. She has also worked as a co-host in many reality shows.

Angie Everhart Career

Angie Everhart Net Worth

As of 2021, The famous or beautiful Angie Everheart net worth is $10 million, and the source of income was modeling or acting. She also appeared in many reality shows and on front covers of top magazines. She earned from many films such as Last Action Hero, Denial, Bear Witness, and Payback.