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Ashton Nicole Casey, aka Ashnikko, is a well-known rapper who has been rocking the world with her hit rap songs. The estimated net worth of Ashnikko is $13.14 Million. Because of her youtube channel and the hit songs she has released in the last few years.

She became viral because of TikTok and has now gained so much fame. On February 19, 1996, she was born in North Carolina, making her 25 years old by today’s date. She has been on youtube for a few years now. She released her first music video,” Blow,” in April 2018.

Her primary income source is through her rapping career. She started her own YouTube channel in 2011 and has gained 1.13 million subscribers to date. She has released many songs on her channel and is liked by thousands of people.

You may have a question in mind due to which you are here. How much does Ashnikko earn, and what is her net income?. We will discuss everything about Ashnikko, starting from her birth to the person she is today.

So without any more delay. Let me take you through Ashnikko’s life and net worth.

Early Life

Ashton was born on February 19, 1996, in North Carolina. Her parents bought her up in the city of Greensboro. Her parents were the ones who exposed her to country music and Slipknot. In an interview, she said that she became interested in music at the age of 10, specifically rap music when she listened to Arular by M.I.A.

As a teenager, Asnikko’s family moved to Estonia for her father’s studies. They spent a year there and then moved to Riga, Latvia. Then in 2014, Ashnikko moved to London, England, by herself when she was 18.

There is hardly any information about her parents or siblings, but we will keep you updated if we got any news about it. The only thing we know is that her parents were the ones because she got fond of rap music. Then she started making music videos and uploading them to her YouTube channel.

Personal Life

Ashnikko has publically announced that she is a feminist and her songs represent empowerment for women. On multiple occasions, she has said that her ex-friends and ex-manager had done her dirty, so she now raises her voice against it.

She tends to be different from the crowd and has her unique style. She wears an aesthetic and kush attire that resembles rags. She has always been bluntly vocal about a range of social justice issues. She also participated in the commercialization of feminism in November 2019.

She had openly stated on Twitter that she is bisexual and has attributed herself to discovering intersectional feminism through microblogging when she was a teenager.

Professional Life

Ashnikko is a Rapper, Songwriter, and a Singer. She is 24 years old, but she has already gained a lot of fame. Ashnikko has a net worth of $13.14 Million that is impressive for such a young and uprising rapper.

Her first ever song, Krokodil, was produced by Raf Riley in 2016. You can find this soundtrack on Soundcloud. After that, she released many new songs, either solo or with other singers. Her hit song, “STUPID,” that she did with Yung Baby Tate gained 18 Million views in four months, after which she started gaining fame.

She has won one award for her song” Hi, it’s Me, released in 2019. She released her solo song, Tantrum, recently during the pandemic and then performed live in an event. She released another song, Daisy, on youtube in July 2020 and then on TikTok.

She released her latest song in January 2021, Demidevil, and is ready to achieve more fame and popularity in the upcoming years. She is just 24 and is set on the journey to becoming a famous rapper.

Awards and Achievements

She has been nominated thrice for different awards but has only won it once. Her famous track ” Hi, it’s Me” won the Best Pop Video – Newcomer in 2019.

She was nominated for the Best Pop Video for her song “Cry” in the U.K. Music Video Awards 2020. Also, she was nominated for the Best Push Act for her song “Herself” in MTV Europe Music Awards 2020 but didn’t win either of them.

Ashnikko Net Worth

Ashnikko Net Worth

Ashnikko has an estimated net worth of about $13.14 million. It is estimated to increase in the upcoming years as she has just started to gain fame. Her monthly income is equal to $8k to $130k. The primary sources of her income include:

  1. Music Videos

Ashnikko music video “Stupid” got 18M views in a few months. She has released many music videos and has also won an award for her song “Cry.”

She has been making music videos since 2017 when she released her first-ever song. She has been writing songs since she was 15, and music is her primary source of income, due to which she has achieved her substantial net income.

  1. YouTube Channel

She started her YouTube channel in 2011. Ashnikko has a total of 1.8 Million subscribers and gets more than 50 Million views on her music videos every month. She keeps on uploading these videos on youtube and earns more than $2 Million every year.

  1. Song Writing and TikTok

She is also a songwriter and has been writing songs since she was 15. She writes her songs and makes videos, after which she gained such fame.

Most recently, she gained popularity on the latest social media, Tiktok. She regularly uploads videos on TikTok and has been increasing her fame from it as she loved the spotlight since childhood.

Facts About Ashnikko

A few facts about Ashnikko are as follows:

  1. She was born in Oak Bridge, North Carolina, and was raised in Greensboro.
  2. She, along with her family, moved to Estonia when she was a teenager. Her father wanted to continue his studies there. Afterward, they moved to Latvia.
  3. At some time, she was the only American to attend Latvian public school.
  4. She moved to London on her own when she turned 18 to pursue her music career.
  5. She was interested in music as her parents introduced it to her at an early age. She was always more inclined towards rap music.
  6. She has raised her voice for many social issues and has openly announced herself to be a feminist.
  7. Her music video “STUPID” gained 20 Million streams in just four months and was listed as the most popular on Spotify.
  8. She started to compose songs since she was 15 and has participated in musical theatre and many other occasions to get the spotlight.


When someone sees these celebrities, they get motivated. Ashnikko is also a person like you who has done hard work and has made her in this industry. I have heard her rap songs, and undoubtedly, they are fantastic.

You can do the same. If you have a desire for something, follow it. It doesn’t matter how much effort and time it takes, but it is worth the time if you love doing it. I hope now you have all the knowledge you should have on Ashnikko’s net worth and life.