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Automation 360

Handling communication from different channels and that too when myriad of users are involved, can be exhausting. SendPulse’s email automation, however, makes things a lot simpler if you’re looking for a handy digital marketing solution. By combining SMS, push notifications and email media together, Automation 360 has stepped its game up to give relevant users timely reminders and updates by integrating bulk email, bulk SMS messages and web push notifications on a single platform.

Potential customers may leave a website for several reasons, and it is of great importance to identify these reasons and follow up on them in due time. Automation 360 records this data and send emails triggered by the customer’s action. For instance, a customer who has made a purchase on the website successfully will receive a thank-you note soon afterward. Similarly, a customer who added items to the virtual cart but left midway will receive notifications and reminders to complete the purchase process. Custom events can also be made likewise and the flow of messages can be configured accordingly.

How it Works

How it Works

  1. The first step is to add an event which in turn will generate a link. Next, you must wait for the incoming events.
  2. Taking in the variables from the formerly created event, set up an auto-responder. These responses can be sent as emails, messages and push notifications.
  3. An event is triggered when a website visitor performs an action on the site. For instance, when a customer purchases an item from the site, data is sent to SendPulse for analysis.
  4. This actuates the auto-responder which sends a preset message to the customer in accordance with his/her action on the site.
  5. Once a purchase is made, it is counted as a conversion by Automation 360. This data is continuously received and maintained to observe trends for future campaigns.

Advantages of Automation 360:

There are several pros that give SendPulse an edge over its competitors. Some of these are as under:

SendPulse Automation 360 - Send Trigger Emails

  1. Automation 360 gives you 360-degree coverage. Not only emails, but it also sends push notifications and SMS messages to your customers as defined.
  2. Conversions are an important aspect of digital marketing. Automation 360 manages a record of these conversions and the users who achieved them.
  3. It sends customized messages adapting to different variables, conditions, and events.
  4. Visual representation of data is yet another significant feature. Graphical and pictorial representation of the data flow helps to analyze trends.
  5. Customer-specific emails can also be sorted and viewed.
  6. Automation 360 allows you to send data via API or with incoming webhooks for improved security.

Sending Bulk Emails without Spamming

Sending emails to a customer in bulk can be analogous to spamming their inboxes. This portrays unprofessionalism of the firm which restricts customers from revisiting the website. Using SendPulse, you can add action buttons that most customers want to see when they receive a promotional email or message, such as unsubscribe link or email frequency editor. You must also ensure that the email does not contain suspicious URLs or attachments. Design of the message also makes a lot of difference. A well-designed email is also well-received.

Sending Automatic Emails

Unlike other data analytics and digital software, Automation 360 is easy-to-use. The 3-step procedure of sending automatic emails to customers is explained below.

Step 1: Creating an Event

Go to Automation and select Events Manager. In each of the 4 available events, you can add or delete variables as per your wish. Once an event is created, a unique URL is automatically generated.

Step 2: Creating an Email Automation Flow

Go to Automation tab and select Automation 360. Keep your previously created event the beginning of your automation flow. Seven elements namely email, push, SMS, filter, condition, action, and goal are to be added to the working field. SMS, email and push notifications are the channels that you can combine to achieve the desired results. Conditions determine the actions to be taken as per the user’s response. Conversions can be tracked as per the goal that you set while setting up the automated-email generation.

Step 3: Tracking Conversions

Tracking Conversions

Conversion is a numerical measure of how many times your goal has been achieved. Automation 360 allows you to set your own goals i.e. you are in charge of what will be counted as a conversion. For instance, you may set the email open rate as your goal. Now every time a user opens your email, it will be recorded as a conversion. These can be tracked to alter or sustain the marketing strategies currently in use.

What sets SendPulse apart from its contemporaries is that fact that it offers the largest quota on its free plans for email and SMTP services. The functionality restrictions are also minimal. As a finalist of The Next Web Scale 2016 program, SendPulse has proven its mettle in quite a short span of time. It also has a Startup Accelerator Program that offers a grant of $5000 to all contestants for the development of email marketing. SendPulse works intelligently. It enables you to reach out to every potential customer by merging email, push and SMS campaigns effectively. In most cases, a customer is reached out via web push notifications if he/she does not respond to email marketing. User actions too are of great importance and for the same purpose, SendPulse’s Automation 360 equips you to create event-based email & SMS campaigns. All in all, if you’re looking for a marketing solution to keep in touch with your customers and subscribers while maintaining your firm’s professional image, SendPulse is the way forward. Minimalistic designs, easy management, and conversion analytics – all in one place!