How to Move Your Stuff Across Country on a Budget

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Move Your Stuff Across Country on a Budget

If you’re relocating to a different city for a new job, your employer will most likely pay for your shipping costs; however, if you’re moving for a personal reason, you may have to shell out a significant amount of money to transport your belongings across the United States, even if your destination is only a few hundred miles away.

Here are some tried-and-tested tips that will help you save money while shipping your belongings through a transportation company.

Reduce your Stuff to Essentials:

First thing first, reduce the volume of the stuff you’ll take to your new home by discarding items that you no longer use or don’t see yourself using in future. This applies to items as large as your favorite dilapidated couch to the smaller stuff such as that chinaware you received as a gift but never liked.

By reducing the amount of stuff you need to ship to begin a new life in a new city, you will not only save on shipping costs but will also feel recharged and refreshed to start anew and build your home all over again.

Compare the Cost of Renting a Truck Versus using a Shipping Service:

You may feel that you can drive a truck or van across the country to your new home, but do take time to consider the cost of this DIY—factor in the truck rental, the cost of hotel stay in case you’d need to halt for the night, the cost of fuel and also the cost of food you’ll buy on the way.

Now compare this estimate with the total price of shipping your stuff through a professional transport service. Choose the option that’s cheaper and more convenient.

Fly a low-cost Airline with Some of your Possessions in Suitcases:

A great way to transport your personal possessions cross-country is by flying with an airline that does not charge exorbitant baggage fees. This is a good option to explore if the cost of shipping all your belongings through a professional transporter is way too high. Again, comparing costs is the best way to determine which way you’ll be saving more.

Once you have filtered down your belongings to absolute essentials, you just might be able to pack it all in a few suitcases. Don’t have large suitcases? Don’t let that deter you—rental a couple of mega-size suitcases from a baggage rental company if you don’t want to buy one.

Ship your Car or Motorbike through an Affordable and Trustworthy Vehicle Shipping Service:

If you’re not planning to drive down all the way, the safest way to transport your car or motorcycle is via an experienced auto shipping company that offers safe and secure cross-country vehicle transportation at affordable prices. However, do remember that not all shipping companies have the expertise and equipment to transport vehicles.

If you’re looking for car shipping in Seattle, pick a seasoned service provider and ask them all you need to know to feel assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.