Five Signs That A Boot Camp Workout Is Not For You

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You would have heard a lot about how boot camp is good for building stamina and fitness and for losing weight. It is true that boot camps have many benefits. The intense workout could be ideal for building muscle, losing some weight or just having some discipline instilled in you. But some people are not cut out for a boot camp. It is not very hard to find out if you are one of them. You may carry on initially with some determination, but eventually, you will have to take a call on whether you want to continue with it or try out a different way that suits you more.

The First Thing

You must observe how your body is taking in the boot camp drills. You must know that these exercises are meant for soldiers, and hence they will be intense. If you have acute muscle pain after the boot camp and you spend days together limping, then you will have to reconsider your decision of joining the training program.

Some people have the problem lifting their arms and shoulders. If this continues for too many days and your body is just not adjusting to the harsh regime every morning, then discontinuing the training program is not a bad thing to do. The reason for this is that for the sake of fitness you don’t want to make your days painful eventually affecting your lifestyle and more importantly your job or studies. The role of exercises is to make you fitter and smarter not more sluggish and uncomfortable.

Boot camp drills put extreme pressure on every part of the body. If you have a broken bone from the past, a torn ligament and old muscle or something that needs extra attention you might choose to skip the boot camp training program and instead go to the gym where you can target specific muscles without risking your injured muscles and ligaments. Boot camp shouldn’t cause further deterioration of your bones or muscles instead of strengthening them.

Boot camp drills are meant to be motivational, encouraging you to push your limits and meet new people at the same time. But if you get up every morning dreading the torture of the exercises and thinking of excuses not to take your body to the drill, then it is best you quit the boot camp training program.

Trying to stay fit and following a healthy fitness regime is extremely essential. But you don’t want to probably scare yourself off the track due to the pain and shame involved. Some people collapse in the middle of the exercises because of chest pain or muscle burning. This could be something they might be embarrassed about, but in the long run, you might be harming yourself which is probably not a good idea. Some boot camp trainers are rigid, and this might lead you to force your body to do things it is just not capable of. This is the time to step back and reconsider whether you would want to continue with the training program.