Tire Care And Maintenance: How Do I Care For Jeep Tires?

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Care For Jeep Tires

Keeping your tires in swift condition is an essential part of car maintenance, and to attain this you need to consider various aspects. These are few tips you can keep in mind for optimal care for your car tires:

Wheel Alignment:

Wheel alignment is the process of proper aligning the wheels and axels of the car so that it can compensate the vibration and suspension to ensure the optimal safety while maintaining the speed. Proper alignment ensures that your vehicle handles correctly and increases the life and performance of your tire. It also helps in protecting the bearings and suspension to ensure the tire from untimely wear and tear. Unbalanced wheels are typically noticeable during the driving and specially on off road driving. For off road driving you must select right type of vehicle like jeep as in jeep it is equipped with jeep tj dana 44 front axle , as this heavy duty axel is designed for better suspension in tough condition it provide smoother driving experience.

Tire Pressure:

Proper inflation is prime factor in tire care, having proper inflated tires protect against tire damage also low tire pressure increase fuel consumption. You should always use inflation recommended by the manufacturer for the optimal result. Also if you are not sure about the recommended inflation by the manufacturer it can be found in owners’ manual or website.

Tire Rotation:

You should move car tire from one position to other to ensure even wear and tear as it ensures tires to carry even car’s weight, so rotating the tire can extend their life if you are not planning to use your vehicle in a long time. There are four common types tire rotation.

  • Cross Rotation
  • Straight Rotation
  • Four Wheel Drive Rotation
  • 5 Tire Rotation


Vibration during driving indicates the problem that needs to be addressed. The suspension, tire and steering should be checked immediately to fix the vibration problem else it could cause damage to the vehicle.

Driving Habits:

Life of your tire depends on how you drive your vehicle. You should not over speed your vehicle as it generates excessive heat, this heat increase the wear and tear of tire and decrease the life of tire. Also you should avoid driving on the edge of potholes, taking fast turn and panic stops as it can damage the tires.

Right Tire:

You should select the tire according to your vehicle and your driving condition, as regular tires are not fit for off-road driving. Tires for jeep wrangler are best in this situation; they are specially designed for off road driving condition as they are equipped with deep tread, special pattern for better grip.

Tire Service:

You should be aware not only of physical damage but also dynamic performance like noise, vibration, air loss as it could be the indication of tire repair or replacement. Also you should not use tire for more than 10 year.