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Carole King is a well-known American composer, singer, and songwriter. She got enormous fame in the latter half of the 20th century by writing 118 pop hits and securing positions on the Billboard Top 100.

The 1970s was the Year of her breakthrough performance; King earned $100 million from her music career. Over the years, she has won 4 Grammy Awards.

What makes her so outstanding? Read below!

Early life

Carole King Klein was born Carol Joan Klein on February 9, 1942. Her birth city is Manhattan, New York, and she belonged to a Jewish family. Eugenia was a teacher, and her father was a firefighter.

She started kindergarten only at the age of four. Afterward, she joined James Madison High School, and then she went to Queens College.

King’s love for music started at a very young age when her mother used to play the piano. Her mother taught her the necessary piano skills when she was only three. She once said that my mother never forced music on me; I had that insatiable affection for music from a very young age.

King came up with her first music album in the 1970s. It got the 84th position on Billboard Top 200. In 1971 King released her second album named Tapestry, which was a massive success for her. This album sold over 25 million copies of it worldwide.

Carole King Early life

Personal and Married Life

King got married at a very young age. Her first marriage was with Gerry Goffin. After her divorce, she married Charles Larkey, then Rick Evers, and afterward to Rick Sorenson.

Out of all her four marriages, she was physically abused in her third marriage with Rick Evers. She is currently single (divorced).

She has four children, who are somehow associated with the music industry. Her daughter Louise Goffin is a famous songwriter and singer. The names of her other children are Sherry Goffin Kondor, Molly Larkey, and Levi Larkey.

Professional Career

King started her career with her first husband, Gerry Goffin, in the 1960s. The couple wrote dozens of hits for various artists. Afterward, she started singing her songs. Her breakthrough album was Tapestry, which remained on the charts for almost six years.

The estimated sale of her records is more than 75 million copies worldwide. She took a break of four years and then came back to pay for services to the music industry.

Her top famous albums are “Fantasy,” “Wrap Around Joy,” and “Thoroughbred. Many of her albums reached gold status.

Parallel Careers

King is a multidimensional artist. Apart from music, she has done various acting projects. King also made guest appearances in various TV series. Recently, in the 2016 Gilmore Girls Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, she reprised her role.

Social Causes

King has been involved in various social causes and welfare activities. Carole King became associated with politics and environmental protection activities.

One of her well-known social causes was her contribution to the Nothern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act.

Apart from that, she provided support to the Democratic Party. She protests publicly against Trump’s victory in the 2016 elections.

Awards and Distinctions

King has written almost 400 songs and has won four ‘Grammy Awards.’ Afterward, she received a BMI Icon Award and an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Berklee College of Music.  She received her Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.

She has the distinction of being the first woman to receive The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. The award was presented to her by President Barack Obama.

Her other achievements include:

  • King’s album received the Album of the Year award in 1972.
  • King’s song secured the Song of the Year award in 1972.
  • King obtained an award for Best Album for Children in 1976.
  • King got the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance award in the year 1972.

King Carole Net worth

King Carole’s Net Worth and Assets

The career of King Carole served her a lot financially. Her net worth is said to be $100 million.

Following is the timeline of her most significant earnings:

  • She made a record sale in 2010 from her live album concert at Troubadour and earned $606,000.
  • She made another record sale in the Year 1978, from the compilation album of her greatest hits. She made $1,050,000.
  • In the year 1971, she took home almost $10,700,000 from her album Tapestry.
  • Her album’ Rhymes and Reasons’ made $500,000.

Real Estate

King purchased a 128-acre estate for approximately $16 million. The estate consists of 7,337 square feet, which faces warm springs.

Cars owned by Carole King

King is also a bit of a car freak as she has bought several luxurious cars throughout her life. Some of her top-class cars include Mercedes S Class, Audi A5, and BMW.

Social Media Presence

King knows the worth of social media and is very active on social sites. She has approximately 293k followers on Instagram and 137.9k followers on Twitter.

King’s Biographical Film

In the Year 1966, a biographical movie was also made on King’s life. It was a semi-biographical film named ‘Grace of My Heart.’  The film featured a young songwriter and composer and gave a glimpse of King’s life.

Interesting Facts about Carole King

  • She is one of the great songwriters. Her music album Tapestry was on the US charts for more than 300 weeks.
  • She has been ranked number ten on VH1’s 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll.
  • She trained with Joanne Baron at the Baron DW Brown Studio.
  • She met her first husband at her college, Queens College, New York.
  • King initially had a stage phobia.
  • She supported protests against President Trump by re-releasing “One Small Voice.”

Tributes were given to Carole King

Carole King has given so many hits to the American music industry. King got so many tributes and recognitions for her work.

Tapestry Revisited: A Tribute to Carole King is a tribute album presented to her on her work. The tribute consists of various singers, including Celine Dion, Amy Grant, The Bee Gees, and Richard Marx.  This tribute album got 53rd position on Billboard 200.


Carole King is an embodiment of success and fame. The veteran songwriter, composer, and singer bagged various awards during her career.

The net worth of $100 million shows the career success of Carole King. Throughout her career, she has garnered many awards and achievements.

After taking a break of four years, she made a comeback. Now she is back on her growth ventures, and her net worth is expected to increase in the coming years.

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