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Today, Olivia Black is regarded as one of the topmost models and actresses in the United States of America. Many of you know her by her professional name, but Dene Nichole Acero’s real name. Olivia’s black net worth is 5 million dollars. She is pretty famous on social media platforms.

Olivia Black gained popularity by being a part of the TV show Pawn Stars. She had been on several American TV shows. She also worked in an adult site as a model named suicide girls. After being fired from the show’s fifth season, people are curious about her more than on social media.

Real Name: Dene Nichole Acero
Date of Birth: May 14, 1986
Place of Birth: United States of America
Religion: Christianity
Nationality: Danish
Profession: Model, Actress
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch
Age: 37 Years
Boyfriend: N/A
Kids: N/A
Net Worth: Approximately $5 million

Olivia Black’s Childhood and Early Life

She was born in the USA on May 14, 1986. Her real name is Dene Nichole Acero, but she changed it to Olivia Black for professional use. According to the resources, the origin is from Hispanic people.

She went to Calvert High School, located in Maryland. She graduated in 2003. There is no info about her childhood and early life because she is very private in these personal things.

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Olivia Black’s Professional Journey

When Olivia got her graduation degree, she started to work as a model on an adult site named Suicide Girls. She was not very famous at that time. In the fifth season, Olivia gained people’s attention when she became a part of the famous American TV show “Pawn Stars.” Rick Harrison was the producer of that show.

Olivia worked hard in that show, showing people her natural talent and effort. Her acting skills were excellent, which made most people impressed with her. She was given the role of a night shift worker, and she nailed that role. With the help of that role, she gained real hype because of her strong personality on screen.

Olivia Black’s Modeling Career

Olivia worked as a model for different agencies, including cosplays and adult photography played on Celebrity Trixie Rocky. Olivia also modeled herself for the Dollies and Doggies Calendar.  She also worked as a producer on Hardcore Club Restore because of his modeling experience.

She worked a lot as an adult photography model, and she has significant experience in this field. So Olivia thought of some business related to this field. She decided to sell sex toys. She has an online website named “Barenakedmob.” Her partner in this business is her wife Maria Plaza.

Olivia Black’s Net Worth

Olivia has been famous for her modeling and acting skills. Olivia Black’s net worth is almost 5 million dollars which she earned by working with different adult photography agencies and several shows. Last but not least, she made her net worth from an online business website.

Olivia Black’s Achievements:

She made all her modeling and acting career because of her skills and efforts. She has no TV industry background, so Olivia used her skills to prove herself to the world. Although she is a famous and successful model, actress, businesswoman, and social media star, Olivia doesn’t have any awards.

Olivia Black’s Personal Life

Olivia is a confident member of the LGBTQ community. As a lesbian, she married her girlfriend Maria Plaza. Maria is the wife of Olivia.

They found each other on the social media platform. After this, they immediately started dating each other. They married each other in a very private wedding ceremony. This couple has many similarities, such as adult photography and tattoos.

Olivia Black YouTube channel:

Olivia made a YouTube channel with her life partner and wife, Maria Plaza. On that channel, she has almost 4K subscribers. She was significantly activated on her YouTube channel a year before. Nowadays, she doesn’t post anything on it, and the reason is still unknown.


Olivia Black always accepted her flaws and skills, no matter what others said to her. She has a strong personality and made her name in acting because of her confident feminist personality. Olivia Black proved herself in front of the world. Even people tease her about being lesbian, but nothing ever takes her back.

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