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Chantel Everett Net Worth; $1.6 million

Chantel Everett is an actress and model in America. She is well-known for her appearance on 90 Days Fiance and The Family Chantel. These shows revolve around Chantel and her husband because they have an inter-cultural marriage. In 2024, Chantel Everett net worth is around $1.6 million.

She and her husband have become one of the celebrities in the world. Chantel is also an international star and a nurse. She has earned a significant net worth from these careers. Chantel has gained a lot of fans and wants to become a movie actress. She is working hard to achieve her dream.

Biography of Chantel Everett

Real Name: CeAir Everett
Professional Name: Chantel Everett
Gender: Female
Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Date of Birth: February 2, 1994
Birthday: February 2
Age: 30 years old
Nationality: American
Height: 5 ft 6 inch
Weight: 55 kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Spouse: Pedro Jimeno
Parents: Thomas Everett, Karen Everett
Religion: Christianity
Profession: Actress, Reality TV Star, and Model
Net Worth: $1.6 million

Early Life of Chantel Everett

Chantel Everett was born in February 1994. Her birthday happens on the 2nd date of this month. Her birthplace was Atlanta, Georgia. Her real name is CeAir Everett, and her stage name is Chantel.

Her zodiac sign is Aquarius per her birthday. She worked as a frontline health worker during the pandemic and shared her experience on social media platforms with other people.

Family Information

Her father is Thomas Everett, and her mother is Karen Everett. Her father was an actor, and her mother was a writer and public speaker. Chantel has two siblings brother, River Everett, and a sister, Winter Everett. Her brother, River, was active on the show, but her sister, Winter, did not see more.

Educational Background

Chantel Everett got her early education from a local school in Atlanta. She attended the Academy of Nursing to pursue her career in nursing. Chantel decided to promote her career in acting while studying and got a modeling opportunity. She left her nursing school focused on her acting and started her journey to success. After some years, she completed her graduation in nursing.

Career as an Actress

Chantel Everett started her career as an actress in 2016. The first time, she appeared in the reality TV show 90 Days Fiance. She appeared on the 4th season of this show, where she and her fiancé appeared on the show.

They both made the show very interesting with their parents, who were against their relationship and marriage. This show became most famous because they arrived in the show. Chantel and her fiancé also appeared on many shows like Happily Ever After?, Self Quarantined, and 90 Days Bare All.

Work in the Ad Agency

Chantel worked for many ad agencies and promoted ads for tea detoxes, work scrubs, and electric toothbrushes.

Social Media Appearance

Chantel Everett is also a social media influencer. She made her name on different social media platforms. Chantel mainly focused on Twitter and Instagram. She has gathered a lot of followers and fans on these accounts.

The Chantel Family

When Chantel left the show Happily Ever After? she got an offer to in a reality show about Everett and her family. She accepted the offer and the show The Family Chantel was born. The show gave a glance to the viewers about the life of a reality TV star. People from around the world used to see this show and gave their opinions on this show.

Career of Nursing

In 2019, she worked in a show, Self Quarantined. She thought she was missing something. She went back to school and earned her degree in nursing. In 2020, she graduated in Atlanta and became a registered pediatric nurse. However, she also got her dream and became a neurology nurse.

Personal Life

Chantel Everett is a married lady. She married Pedro Jimeno. He is from the Dominican Republic. They met when Chantel visited DR to meet her friend. They became a friend and after some time fell in love. They started dating frequently.

Once, Pedro proposed to her and got married in 2019. They migrated to Atlanta, Georgia. Their families were unhappy because of love and marriage. They tried to convince their families to eradicate the thinking of different cultures. In 2022, they separated and divorced. They have no children.

Chantel Everett Net Worth

Chantel Everett is a TV reality star in America. She earns most of her income through her career in acting. Her estimated net worth is about $1.6 million. She and her husband worked together in many shows and collected money.

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