ChatStep Review – 16 ChatStep Alternatives

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A few years back, online chatting was at its peak, and there were not much online social activity sites, but ChatStep was in the running to be the best at providing a good chatting experience. ChatStep became so popular that whenever one wanted to create a chatroom with specific requirements, ChatStep was the ideal platform.

However, ChatStep is not known worldwide, but it is popular in India and the United States. This online chatting site has also been used for false purposes. ChatStep was used by illegal users and pedophiles who promoted child pornography.

This is the very reason why, the creators of ChatStep are keeping an eye of all of the chats occurring on the website, and if any abusive action occurs from any user, that user gets blocked.

The Registration

ChatStep gives its users the advantage of using their chatrooms namelessly, or by registering. If you want to browse namelessly, it is important for you to pick a random chatroom from the community chatrooms list. Once you are done choosing, the next step is to choose your username.

You can also set a password for that username so that you can use that chatroom anytime you want again. Whenever you leave the chatroom, your entire chat history will get deleted.

When we talk about registering, all you have to do is to enter your basic information like username, password, email, etc. You’ll be able to activate your account by opening the link sent to you on your email address. The users that create their accounts on ChatStep can make their chatrooms.

ChatStep Features

Chatstep Features

Creating Room

The room making feature is only available to those who have an account on ChatStep. The user will be able to select the content of their chatroom, whether it is a ‘clean room’ or an ‘adult room,’ there is a different category for every room. When the users create chatrooms, they are allowed to write a little description of the room, and the rules to the chatroom, which are only available to those who join the room. Users can also be able to set passwords for a room, and only those people can access the room who know the password.

Joining the Room

The users who register can be able to join the rooms if they know their name and if they know the password to any chatroom, they want to join.

The Public Rooms

Public rooms are accessible to the nameless users and registered users. The only difference between a nameless user and a registered user is that; a registered user has to log out before closing the room properly, and a nameless user can close the tab whenever they want to leave the chat.

The ChatStep Traffic

According to an estimate, about 7000 users visit ChatStep every day. It is not known worldwide, that is why only visitors from the US, Germany, and India access it. Every user can make his/her account or use the chatrooms namelessly, that is up to the user. There are endless choices when it comes to choosing the rooms; users can be able to choose any chatrooms they want.

16 ChatStep Alternatives

ChatStep Alternatives

Communicating is a basic need for every human being, and these days, a lot of different online platforms are being created to bring people together. The most popular chatting platform is ChatStep. ChatStep is a website that provides users to chat individually and in groups. Users can be able to join chatrooms on ChatStep and create different chatrooms for different content.  The users can also be able to share documents and files.

However, for very basic reasons, ChatStep is not completely safe for everyone. That is why following is a list of the top 16 ChatStep alternative sites.


Tox is just like ChatStep. It helps the users to send each other messages, share files, and make group chats. Tox also allows users to make audio calls and video calls. The features of Tox are completely safe.


Jami is guided by proper privacy and allows the users to chat freely and call freely. This website is safe, and it is widely known in different countries.


Telegram is also like ChatStep, but it is not a website, it is an app. It provides high-speed transfer, and it is very easy to use. Users can chat whenever they want, and it is completely free. We can say it is just like SMS, but faster and efficient.


Riot. Im is considered to be an open source app that runs on Android, iOS, and the Web. Users can be able to create chatrooms and chat privately through this app.


ChatSecure is completely free, and it is an open basis messaging app that contains OTR encryption. It is safe and easy to use.


Wickr is a free messaging site that has everything encrypted such as, the messages, videos, pictures, and audio messages. The user has full control on this site, and he/she can be able to delete anything anytime.


Three is a texting app that considers the security of a user first. From the beginning to the end, everything is encrypted. Your every data is safe with Threema; you don’t have to worry about anything.

Off-the-Record Messaging

Of-the-Record provides you with a fast messaging experience, and one can be able to have secret conversations on any social app like Gtalk, MSN, FaceBook, and such others with proper encryption.

The helps you to communicate with other people without having to save any logs on the server. It does not involve any registration; one can be able to chat namelessly as well.


HipChat is a quick messaging service that was developed for teams and companies. Users can share data and save their chat history.

Telegram X

Telegram X provides high speed messaging and data transfer. The basic aim of Telegram X is to revive Telegram and its usage.

Bit Chat

Bit Chat is an open-source messaging site that was developed for users to communicate effectively and without any interruption. Bit Chat is completely secure and easy to use.


GoldBug is considered to be a safe and quick Messenger. Your chats on GoldBug are completely secure, and no third user can be able to interfere.


Kandan is known to be an open-source messaging service. A user will not only be able to message, but he/she will also be able to use other features as well. It is a fast way to communicate.


The Orbit contains different chatrooms where users can chat effectively. Users can communicate with different networks through Orbit.

Bettergram Messenger

Bettergram is an alternative to Telegram, but it contains 50 pins, different chat categories, and favorites. This messaging app is just like ChatStep; one can create chat rooms and chat individually as well.