How To Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error on Android [Infographic]

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Facebook is one of those social websites which has gained so much popularity because of its easy access and enjoyable mode. There is almost no one who does not open Facebook at least one time per day.

Same way, the messenger is also famous which allows you to have a conversation and it is directly attached to Facebook. But every now and then, we get this message on our Android devices where we are unable to send any message, and our Facebook stops working.

That message usually reads, “pname com Facebook orca has stopped working.” What this message means? What it matters for the proper working of Facebook and messenger. Today we will learn about it and try to find as much as we can while we will be looking at ways of fixing this issue.


There has been no reason in particular for this error to occur. Some say that due to certain elements which are present in the app which is being nonresponsive while others say that the cache needs the cleaning and draining.

Whatever the reason, we need to fix this issue so that our Facebook and Messenger app will continue to work without problems.

What is name com Facebook Orca?

When we download any app in our android device, separate folders are made which have such files in them due to which the app works properly. If those filed get disturbed or deleted or infected, then the app will stop working properly.

Same is the case with the Facebook app and Messenger as well. When we download the Facebook app, a new folder is created by the name of com.facebook.Katana on your phone. It usually stores all the essential all and information on your Facebook.

Similarly, pname com Facebook orca is the name of a folder which is created when the Facebook Messenger app is downloaded on the phone. The orca folder acts like Facebook and stores all your data and conversations in it. All shared information like videos, audios, the cache can be found here.

When Pname Com Facebook Orca Stop Working:

If you ever face this message, then you know that you won’t be able to start the Facebook app or messenger app. Here you must understand that you must resolve the issue.

Otherwise it will keep lingering, and it will cause more damage. It is also not advised to delete it as deleting this folder means you are erasing all your data which cannot be recovered.

Also, the folder is self-generated so the error will again appear till you get rid of the bug.

If you ever want to retrieve your messages, then this is the folder you want to go to. You can find all your data here, and that data can be restored easily. Also, the conversations are restored in the same folder which makes it rather heavy in size to be on the phone.

How to Fix the Pname Com Facebook Orca Error:

If you want to fix the error, then you are supposed to follow the following steps.

  • You will have to go through the setting on your phone and find the option of application mode.
  • There you will see an ALL APPS option, click that.
  • Then you look for a Facebook application.
  • When you find that, clear all the unnecessary data and restart your Facebook app.

If the error message keeps coming again and again, then you will have to so the following:

  • Uninstall the Facebook app from your phone
  • Restart the phone
  • Once the phone is back to on, you will install the new application of Facebook on your phone, and hopefully, then no error message will bother you.

In case you want to restore the data from Facebook Messenger:

If you are interested in restoring all your data from the Facebook messenger which you have deleted, then you are supposed to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • You will have to go to your ‘file manager’ and ‘find storage / SD section.’
  • You will see three tabs; on one ‘local’ will be mentioned. Click that and then click on external storage.

External Storage

  • You will a list of folders; browse for the ‘android folder’ and click it.

Android Folder

  • Then you will see a ‘data folder,’ click on that.

Data Folder

  • You will see ‘com.facebook.orca.’ Click on this folder.


  • Once that folder opens, you will see cache, you click that.


  • In cache, you will find a folder name as ‘fb_temp.’ Here you will find the backup files of the Facebook messenger. You can find and restore all sort of conversations whether an individual once or a group chat.

In this way, you can restore your data to your mobile phone easily.

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Pname Com Facebook Orca Infographic