How to Carryout Photo Search in Android and iPhone Devices

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Smartphones are taking the world by storm. If you look on a global scale, most people who know how to use the internet use smartphones. Android and iPhone are two of the key categories used by most people. As people are so much dependent on smartphones, they prefer performing all tasks by using them.

Reverse image search tools undoubtedly offer several benefits to the users. If you are a business owner, you would have uploaded several images on your website. Do you know that people copy images and reuse them without even informing the owner. This obviously damages the reputation of brand owners who work extremely hard to create high impact pictures. Search by image is a perfect way for smartphone users to evaluate the uniqueness of a photo or image.

Reverse Image Search for Similar Snapshots:

One of the main purposes of reverse image search is to find similar images. If you have the picture of a car and you want to see possible options for tires, you can accomplish this goal through a reverse image search tool. This tool identifies all similar images which are related to the searched image in one way or the other. If you are performing a reverse image search for a car snapshot, you would get a variety of images on your screen including tires, fueling options and spare parts as well.

  • We all access the internet to view product images particularly when we have to buy something. It is hard to check a product when the picture is not clear or there is a problem with the resolution. This is when you need to reach to the actual image source to get your hands on a quality snapshot. It is very easy to access the original source of image when you are using a reliable tool for reverse image search.

Reverse Image Search for Android Users

When you are using the reverse image search option on an Android device, it is advisable to have Chrome as the browser.  Here are the key steps which have to be used to use the reverse image search option

  • First of all, you need to open the link for Google images and then search for the image which you are looking for. Consider that you are looking for book images; you can type that in the search box and click the search button. All the images that match your requirement would be shown on your screen.
  • When you find an image which matches your needs, click and it so that the image can open. After that, hold it for a few seconds and then the option “search for “Google” would appear on your screen. When you click that option, all the image including the original source would be shown to you.
  • The reverse image search option works well for people who want to view similar pictures. If you have a cat and you are seeking feed options on the internet, it can be done conveniently from an Android-based smartphone.

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Using the Reverse Image Search Option from iPhone:

Using the reverse image search option from an iPhone is not a hard task as well. When you are using an iPhone, you can perform the reverse image search from the Chrome browser as well as the Safari browser. If you are using the Safari browser, the following steps would be performed.

  • First of all, open the link for Google images on the Safari browser.
  • On the left lower side of the page, you would see an option “Request for Desktop site”. When this option would be clicked, you would see a camera icon. After that, you can either upload the picture or provide its URL.

Some users do not use the safari browser as they are more comfortable with Chrome. If you are a Chrome user, you would have to complete the following steps.

  • On chrome, open the link for Google images.
  • When you go down on the page, you would see an icon with three dots on the left. Once that option is clicked, you would view the option “Request for desktop site”. When you click that option, you would be able to find all related images and appearances of the searched picture.

Know which Competitors are Using your Images:

Online businesses have a lot of competition between them. Brands are competing with each other at all times to get the maximum possible customers. In such situations, rivals use all possible techniques to bring each other down. You may not know that one of your competitors may be promoting a key image of your brand in a negative sense on a website.

  • Using a reverse image search tool helps you in keeping a complete check. If any of your competitors is using any of your images in a negative sense, you would know about it.

Find all Related Images in a Simple Way:

Consider that you have recently purchased a new laptop and you want to know about the best CD ROM available. What would be the easiest way to find this out? There is no need to search on the internet using lengthy text statements because a reverse image feature works very well for this purpose. Here is how you can find pictures of all attachable devices for your laptop.

  • Take a picture of your laptop and upload it through a reverse image search tool.
  • When you execute the reverse image search process, you would get pictures of everything related to your machine. These would include a list of links where the same image has been uploaded. Apart from that, you would also be able to view related images which would fulfil your requirement. If you are looking for a recommended CD ROM, you would see all available options through the reverse image search tool. In comparison to searching through text statements, this is a much easier option.


Reverse image search is a good option to locate images of related products. This is a good option to purchase things online. If you are looking for car seat covers, simply upload the picture of your car and all related accessories would be shown on your screen.