Roman Atwood Net Worth 2021 – $16 Million

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With the launch of YouTube, many people started posting videos about themselves and their likes and whatnot. This proved to be an excellent way to make money since you would get likes on your video and as the number would increase you would the money. Millions of people took benefit from it. One of them is Roman Atwood.

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Who is Roman Atwood?

Born and raised in Millersport, OH in the USA; Roman was always interested in the videography. He has provided evidence that he was into making a video when he in high school.

Although the place where his upbringing was done is to a famous or happening place, his desire to make videos was not bound by any rule.

Since his family business was making ropes, he used to spend most of his time in their factory working with ropes and about them. But as he always wanted to get into the video business, he left the business to gain more information and experience about this passion of video making.

Roman’s way to YouTube

You cannot say that his way to success never saw any ups and downs. Before he started working on his YouTube channel, he worked in many commercials and made a DVD by the name of ‘the Herd Nerd.’

He also appeared in many indie movies which altogether provided him with more information and knowledge which he needed for video-making. Eventually, he decided to make a YouTube channel which he names “Sketch Empire.”

Somewhere around 2006 -2007, he started posting videos about himself and his daily routine or how he used to prank people and his girlfriend.

All these postings brought him millions of users and billions of views which meant money flow. Yes, money started flowing as his viewers increased.

From that time, he has not looked back but instead builds an empire where his videos make excellent money for him. But this is not just this; he started his own business in his hometown by the name of ‘Smile More’ where clothes, accessories, and other merchandise are produced as per the order.

You can say that since he got famous on YouTube, his fame opened many other doors to earn more money. He had created some memorable videos like the one in which he tried to prank his girlfriend by pretending that he has cheated on him, but he got prank when his girlfriend switched the prank on him by admitting she has done it because she saw the camera.

Or that another one in which he filled his home with plastic balls in an attempt to turn it into a huge ball pit. This idea was so cherished that even Nissan GT-R was offered by the Nissan in exchange for the right to use the idea for the Super Bowl campaign.

Roman Atwood Net Worth

Strangely not everyone gets to become a millionaire by posting videos on YouTube, but this is such a big inspiration that anything is possible if you have the talent or you know how to capture the audience.

Atwood has been missing in action for some time now as he has not posted any recent pranking video or any other for the sake of the matter; his extremely cool fortune of $16 million is perhaps enough to enjoy a few days or months.

You must remember here that he took the time to establish himself and captured his viewers by posting things that were liked by anyone. So, the door to success, popularity, and money is opened to everyone. You can be next Roman Atwood too.