How to Choose the Right Italian Designer Luggage Sets

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Designer Luggage Sets

Having the “right” luggage set is something that regular travelers cherish, and for a number of good reasons. You need your luggage set to be tough without being bulky,  flexible without being feeble, and organized without being ugly. Hence, it is safe to say, there are many expectations you have for your travel suitcases. This is a reason why travelers prefer buying designer luggage sets since they offer the best chance of meeting most of the aforementioned expectations.

We would have said “all” of the expectations but even designer luggage sets can’t do it all. Or can they?

Italian designer luggage sets have rapidly gained popularity in recent times for their distinctiveness. A certain flair to these sets will make you look forward to going on a journey, especially when it comes to the plethora of designs you find. However, there are more than just a few Italian luggage designers out there that provide the finest quality options in travel suitcases and you need to be aware of the best ones.

So here are some tips on how to choose the right Italian designer luggage sets:

Check Their Durability:

Unsurprisingly, the most important feature in luggage sets for most, if not all, travelers is their durability. In recent times, new plastic materials used in luggage sets provide rigidity and stiffness that helps keep your delicate items, or your personal belongings secure inside the suitcase. Hard side checked luggage sets such as Angolo Hard side and Acciaio Abrased steel hard side spinner suitcases manufactured by Italian luggage designers like, Mia Toro not only provide protection but also mobility with their four-wheeled bases, which brings us to our next point.

Wheel Ability:

Wheel ability refers to how many wheels the suitcase has, which determines how easily you can maneuver it in tight spaces. Most designer luggage sets come with the option of either two or four wheels. Although four-wheeled luggage sets have become the norm nowadays, there are pros and cons for both. For example, two wheelers have better stability, while stationary four-wheeled spinner suitcases tend to roll down slopes. In addition, two-wheel luggage sets can only move either forward or backward, which makes it a hassle to handle them down train aisles or narrow streets, whereas four-wheeled, bags can move in any direction. This doesn’t mean you should always buy either one or the other and hope they will be cooperative in all travel situations. Most times, it depends on where you are traveling to, what sort of trip you are going on and your own preference of pushing, pulling, or rolling the suitcase.


Having the right security for your carry-on luggage set is as important as for your checked luggage set. You should always choose the Italian designer luggage set that provides the maximum security for your luggage while keeping the security protocols in line with TSA requirements. After all, you don’t want zippers that the airport security would cut off. So, it is better to purchase suitcases with built-in 3 number combinations TSA locks such as those provided by Mia Toro and other Italian luggage designers.

Overall, Italian designer luggage sets are the sensible choice for your travels. In addition to the durability, mobility, and security they provide, it doesn’t hurt that they can make you stand out in a crowd with their stylish looks and eye-catching patterns.