Best Small Business Loan Companies and Their Satisfactory Customers Reviews

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Since the economy experiences a fluctuation, it is nothing new that it still tries to recover from the sub-prime crises; it is one of the best possible times to consider small business loans. Yes, entrepreneurship is something on the rise today, with several job opportunities opening up. However, startups find it difficult to maintain their finances at such times.

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Small Business Loan

The fact is that several budding entrepreneurs or startups take a step back when it comes to growing their business. The main reason behind this is the absence of having the right resources, in which case, even the best plants tend to fail. Not having sufficient funds limits the opportunity for companies significantly when it comes to growing.

Small business loans play an important role here. They provide startups with the right amount of capital they need to start or grow their business. Whether it means buying land, inventory, or land, a small business encounters several expenses on the way. Most results and surveys also show that about 80% of most enterprises turn to small business companies, for the hope of getting sufficient funds to ensure their business grows.

The problem here is that most loans are not easy to obtain. The entire process requires a series of paperwork, a proper business plan, and the right credit score. Thankfully, you can turn to some of the best companies for such loans. As you read below, you will learn about the best ones and satisfactory customer reviews.

Top 3 Companies that Offer Small Business Loans

Here are the top four companies that provide loans for startups.

  • SBA loans
  • OnDeck
  • Kabbage

SBA Loan Lenders:

SBA Loan Lenders

As a startup, when you search for small business loans, ignoring SBA is not an option. They play an important role when it comes to help small businesses and facilitate their business operations. Note that SBA is an abbreviation for Small Business Administration. In general, a government-supported company aids small businesses or startups and helps them in funding their business. Sometimes, other small-approved commercial lenders like Orumfy work as the middle people in granting startups or small businesses with enough money through SBA loans. They offer small businesses a series of loans and other guarantees to increase the interest of growing businesses. Choosing SBA guarantees that your startup will receive at least 85% of the amount of the loan. However, these loans can also go for a higher amount, such as $150,000.

The common Loans They Provide Include

7 a Loans7 a Loans

According to customer reviews, many agree that by far, the most popular, simple, and flexible loan the SBA offers startups. Compared to other options, the rate of interest for such loans is less. You can use this type of loan to generate more of your working capital, for new construction buildings, and consider incorporating such loans to expand the current facilities in your business.

SBA Microloans

The SBA also offers the Microloan program. It is ideal for those businesses that are expanding or just setting up their business and need more resources. When choosing such loans, you can receive about $50,000. Such loans are ideal for various financing requirements.



Choosing OnDeck means that you can lend as much as $500,000 within a day with the least amount of paperwork required. However, you will also have to accept higher rates of interest with shorter terms of about two years with the right convenience and speed. For at least a year, you have to be in well in your business and the gross revenue that your company has to offer should be about $100,000.

Based on customer reviews, it is best for those businesses that need quick funds, provided they are sure they can pay it back within the right time. Businesses that aren’t established need to keep in mind that such loans are usually heavier. In addition, customers say that businesses with the best financial records have the best chance with OnDeck.



They are ideal for those businesses that experience a jam and Kabbage in such cases offers about $150,000 immediately when startups need their assistance. However, your startup should have the right PayPal account in order to apply for loans. In return, Kabbage will then go through all the channels of data that your company may end up using.

Based on customer reviews this is a good option, for all small businesses online, which are not able to meet the strict requirements of other lenders. In addition, larger businesses also qualify for their services.

Small business loans are not so difficult to acquire, you should just ensure that you choose the right company. Explore all the options they have to offer you and choose the best one accordingly. As you approach these ones mentioned, you are sure to experience a seamless and hassle-free experience of acquiring loans.