Using Evernote for Business: 8 Tips for Startups

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Evernote started out life as a simple note-taking app. It’s grown up into a great organizational tool.

Startups and small business owners love the functionality of Evernote for Business. They rave to us about how easy it is to customize.

Let’s just clarify: we’re talking about the paid option called Evernote Business.

Under Settings > Account Summary, you will see that you have the options of a free basic account, a paid premium account, and a paid business account. We’re focusing on what a lot of people call Evernote for Business in this article.

So how does it make running your business easier?

You can sync Evernote across all devices. This means it is with you everywhere. For people with busy lives and hundreds of things to think about, having one central hub is essential.

With Evernote Business, you can create and share notes and files in real-time. We’ll let that sink in. Yes, this does mean your startup partners always have the latest updates. This is an enormous advantage when you’re up against deadlines or need to thrash issues out with your team.

Evernote is also compatible with other platforms. Slack, Outlook, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce all interface well.

We’ve jotted down six tips you can save as a New Note as soon as you’ve read them.

Brain Dumping

Huge productivity gains come from getting ideas documented as you think of them.  And they’re dated and timestamped and ready for sharing or working on later.

You can create a note by speaking and recording an audio note. The downside to this is that Evernote cannot convert audio recordings into text, and you cannot search for a word mentioned inside the recording.

You can, however, use your device’s speech-to-text features if you’d prefer to dictate text notes into Evernote. Our Help and Learning page is a good place to start to set that up.

Geeks will tell you that Evernote’s strength and core design principle is to be eminently searchable. That’s what you need and that why business people have been using it for years.

With instant shareability with your partners, you can turn these dumping sessions into mind mapping or brainstorming sessions. Just think of that!

Phone App

The Evernote phone app is a quick and easy way to snap lunch receipts, track mileage, jot down blog post ideas, or scan handwritten notes. That way you have everything you need on the go.

Collaboration Is Key

Having a central hub where you can stay organized with your work partners is essential. Having all client notes, thoughts, project updates, checklists and attachments in Evernote is amazingly empowering. You feel in control because you are in control.

Syncing Is a Synch

Make sure you sync all your Dropbox and Google Drive folders within the app to keep everything connected and organized.

Evernote Business for Startups

You know that as a startup it’s crucial that you establish a recognizable presence. We know that finances at the outset don’t always cover all the bases.

One of the hardest things to do in the first couple of months is to define your brand image. It is even harder to convey your vision of what this might be to someone else.

Adobe Spark has come up with something that could suit your immediate needs. Its free logo creator has adaptable templates professionally designed with you in mind. It’s so easy to customize, you’ll be glad you tried it.

Remember to share your logo suggestions with your partners on Evernote Business. You can quickly get their input and make any necessary changes to your design. Efficient. Seamless. Documented.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can download your finished brand logo as a PNG or JPG. Use it on promotional material, your website and social media pages – and, of course, on Evernote Business.

Use Evernote Templates

Adapting templates is much quicker than designing things from scratch. Keep your energy for the important work of pushing your business ideas forward. Why reinvent the digital wheel?

We have kept SMEs and startups in mind with our Strategic Planning template. The other sixteen templates are also useful in a variety of situations. They are an aid to communication and Evernote is great for precisely that.

Web Clipper Research

The Evernote Web Clipper gives you various options on how to incorporate information from websites into a note and gives you a preview before you choose which option you want.

Downloadable as an extension, it is an excellent way to amass materials and ideas to work on new projects and tasks. It’s also a more immediate, graphic way to share things that have grabbed your attention with your teammates.

You get quick turnaround and feedback from your team on what to ditch and what to keep.

Some Evernote pros use notes to keep track of customer info from ad campaigns on social media. The notes system is highly adaptable to just about any activity you can think of. Customize the Evernote for Business features in a way that suits you best.

Clients Like It Too

Use Spaces to hook up with clients to trade and share notebooks. With instant syncing, no one misses out on vital information or updates.

This is a great productivity tool. It does away with the need for at least half the in-person meetings you normally have. Clients love the advantage of being able to think about proposals in their own time – or when they can catch a moment in their own busy day.

Need More Convincing?

Surely not?! If you do, then take a look at how successful entrepreneurs and business professionals have integrated Evernote into their lives.

They’ve got the Evernote way of being taped, and you can do it too.  We have a free trial on the Evernote Business version. Why don’t you give it a try?