7 Secret Hacks to Increase Your Loan Approval Odds: 2019 Edition

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Are you nervous about getting rejected for a loan?

Many people get stressed out when they start running out of funds and need to get a loan. They fear that they’ll be denied or won’t get as much money as they need. This can cause some people to forget things or apply to numerous places in hopes of getting money.

Getting a loan can seem like a daunting task, but there are several things you can do to increase your chances of getting accepted. You don’t need to panic, because you’ll have a guaranteed loan approval rate with these tips.

Read on to learn 7 ways to increase your loan approval odds!

  1. Stay Organized

When it comes to getting guaranteed loan approval, you’ll need to ensure that you have all of your documents together and up to date. The loan approval process requires a lot of paperwork and records that you’ll need on hand.

When you’re getting ready to go apply for a loan, get all of the required documents and put them in a folder. If you’re unaware of what you need, look up the requirements online.

You’ll be able to take the folder with you, and you’ll leave a good impression because you’ll seem organized. Having the documents will also make the process quicker because you won’t need to keep searching for things.

  1. Ensure You Have Good Credit

Your eligibility for loans will highly depend on your credit score. Many people ask, “Why can’t I get a loan?” The odds are that most of those people don’t have a high enough credit score for the lender to trust them.

Your credit score will also matter when you try to get easy acceptance loans, such as same day loans. If you have a history of not making payments on time, your loan process might be delayed or your request will be denied.

A quick check of your score online will save you from any hassle, and you should start raising it if need be. Making payments on time and repaying any debt will allow you to passively raise your score.

  1. Don’t Apply at Several Places

While many places offer loans easy to get approved of, they don’t like to see people that have been applying everywhere. Loan providers use the same system to track loan histories and payments of applicants.

When you start applying to several places, you’ll look as though you’re trying to get a quick buck. This will give the impression that you don’t have much money, so the lender will be convinced that you’ll be unable to pay the loan later on.

  1. Don’t Apply for Back-to-back Loans

Just like applying at several institutions, loan providers don’t want to see that you’re constantly applying for loans.

Some people will take out a loan and try to get another one while they’re still making payments. This will be a red flag to any lender, forcing them to deny your application.

You should avoid taking out multiple loans at once. Instead, wait until you pay off your current loan and wait a bit before applying for another. If you need money, try to ask a friend or family member and see if they’ll help you.

  1. Evaluate Your Income

A part of the loan application process will be a review of your financial records and income. While you may make enough money on paper that would support getting a loan, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the extra expenses to pay it back.

For example, an individual can make $30,000 in a year, but they may be unable to pay back a $5,000 loan over a year. There are outside factors that lenders take into consideration such as family, rent, car payments, etc.

Make sure you sit down with your other household members to see if you all have enough that would cover paying back the loan. A lender will be more inclined to give you a loan if you have multiple members in the house that are earning money.

  1. Have a Balanced Loan History

Another factor that lenders take into consideration is the types of loans that you’ve gotten in the past. There are two types of loans; secured and unsecured.

Secured loans are for things like homes and cars. These types of loans allow the lender to receive collateral if the borrower doesn’t pay. Unsecured loans don’t provide the lender with collateral.

Lenders will look to see if you have a history of taking out only unsecured loans because it can leave the impression that you would bail on payments. Having paid secured loans on your loan history will greatly increase your odds of getting accepted.

  1. Don’t Manipulate

One of the most important things to do when seeking loan approval is being honest throughout the process. You can’t lie about anything or hide details that would change the result of your application.

By being honest, you’ll not only be able to get through the process quicker but also earn trust from the lender. Blatantly lying can result in an instant rejection and will look bad for you.

Increase Your Loan Approval Rate Today

While it’s understandable that people get stressed out when it comes to getting a loan, you won’t have to go through any stress by following these tips.

Doing things like staying organized, making sure your history looks balanced, and paying back any debt will leave a good impression on the lender. Start getting your documents together and reviewing your history to get a loan approval today.

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