Car Interior Cleaning: Tips And Tricks

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Most people know to take their vehicle through a car wash often enough to keep it looking brand new. Unfortunately, it is far too common for drivers to ignore their cars’ interiors. You may not think the interior would get too dirty, but dragging your shoes in and out constantly can really do damage. There is also the matter of your passengers bringing various substances inside your car. It is a good idea to invest in top-quality car cleaning products. Now it is time to learn some tips on car interior cleaning.

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Move as Much as You Can

If there is anything inside your car you do not need in there, then you should remove it promptly. Not only does this free up space, but it also provides you with better gas mileage. The lighter your car is, the more you get out of your fuel. You also need to remember to move the seats forward or backward. It is common for items to roll underneath the front seats, so the funky smell that has been lingering may be located there. This will also let you find crumbs and other debris to vacuum up.

Clean the Carpets

Your car’s carpets may be nice and soft at first, but over time, debris will make it far dirtier. You should first vacuum the carpet to pick up any large pieces of debris. From there, is it recommended to invest in a hot water extractor. You receive free delivery on auto parts from your local shop, so make sure to take advantage of that. When you have the extractor, you can pre-spray the carpets with a non-foaming cleaner and then apply the hot water. It will be far more effective at getting out stains than trying to scrub them away by hand. Make sure you let the carpet dry fully before stepping on it once again.

Remove Pet Hair

Many Americans have some kind of pet they need to transport to and from vet visits. If you fall in that category, then your car is likely a mess of pet fur at the moment. You can try to vacuum the hairs away, but that may not always work. Instead, you may want to try using a pumice block or a brush with rubber bristles. These items will have better luck at picking up the individual hairs. It is almost like you are raking the hairs toward you. With these items in your arsenal, you can decrease the amount of time it takes you to clean your car by half.

Your car is one of the most expensive things you will ever buy. It only makes sense that you would want to take care of it to make sure it remains a source of pride. Luckily, you can purchase all of the cleaning supplies you need at your local auto parts store. You can always take your car to a cleaning professional if need be, but you would be amazed at how much you can get done on your own.