Top 10 Free Calling Websites (Updated 2021)

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A phone call is a very common way of communication. Basically, every person who owns a phone makes phone calls. More on that, some people avoid crossing the phone call limit because of their monthly phone bills.

Lucky for you, there are some places where you can make phone calls for free. The quality might not always be outstanding, but it is enough to get your message clear.

There are a couple of very popular websites that interpret a phone and hence, get the job done. Here is a list of some of the 10 best free websites for making phone calls.

Calleasy is a free-calling website that offers its users free calls across the world with maximum quality. Through this website, you can make calls from your phone or a PC. The website has a very call-inviting interface, and it demonstrates its purpose very clearly.

You can make international calls for free just by logging into Flash2Voip. The limit is thirty countries, straight from any browser. The website doesn’t involve downloading processes or anything else, it is just a simple login and call process.

With, users can make various internet calls without spending a single penny. This website contains very friendly features, including calling from the PC. However, the only drawback to this website is that the duration of the call depends on the country in which the call is made.

With PokeTalk, users can make calls all around the world. No headphones, downloads, or adapters are required for the PokeTalk calls. You are allowed to make at least fifty calls each month, and the call duration is ten minutes. PokeTalk also comes with a Desktop Gadget for a better interface for the users. is a well-designed application that one can easily download on their PCs and make as many free calls as they want. Each week, you can make calls worth 300 minutes, all for free. Even the unused minutes are transferred to the next week.

With, you can be able to make free phone calls from anywhere you want. Without having to pay any charges, you can be able to contact your fellows and family members while traveling with superior quality. You can also make calls from your PC, but the free calls are limited to the UK, China, Australia, USA, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.



To use Jaxtr, you have first to make an account, it is for free. Enter your destination and your number. A local number will be given to by Jaxtr, just dial that number. When the number prompts, start making as many calls as you want to your mates. is a very compact application only meant for IM, Games, SoftPhone, Videos, and more widgets for thorough entertainment, communication, and information. With Globe7, you cannot just make free calls, but watch videos, live radio, send messages, share/upload files, and play games, all for free. This software is only available for Mac, Mobile users, Windows, and Linux.

iCall requires Voice Over IP technology, and your internet is used to plug your PC right into the telephone network. iCall is also available as software for PC. You can also make direct calls from the browser. Remember, iCall only works in iOS systems. However, iCall only offers free calls to Canada and the United States, plus the duration of each call is 5 minutes.

To use this website, all you have to do is to make an account for free and enter your destination and phone number details, and you are set to call for free. The duration of the call is dependent on the opposite call.