DroidSheep APK Download [Full Guide]

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DroidSheep is known to be a very popular cover application for visiting unprotected browsers undercover. DroidSheep was invented by Corsin Carmichael. This application is safe to use and is made to be used as a cover for unprotected browsers. One thing, DroidSheep is only applicable on Android systems.

To use this app, you have to root your device thoroughly. However, DroidSheep is considered to be an APK application, but you can still get the source code from the original author.

How does DroidSheep Work?

When different users interact through the Wi-Fi, some other groups can have access to the discussion. DroidSheep is responsible for reading all the files between the receiver and the sender. With that, you can be able to check on your security weaknesses.

However, if you wish to avoid this, then you can use HTTPS. On the other hand, if you do have an SSL qualification to your website, then there is no need for you to check the security weaknesses of your website because they are already being taken care of.

What’s so good about DroidSheep?

Compared to other network covers, DroidSheep is very easy and simple to work with, plus it is very reliable. You can be able to get rid of any threats and weaknesses in your content and use proper techniques to prevent threats.

Criteria for Installing DroidSheep APK

If you want to examine your system with DroidSheep, your device will not work unless you root it. Without rooting, you cannot handle this app. The reason behind this is that DroidSheep demands Busybox installation to ensure everything to work out properly. Busybox is very useful because it provides your system with useful and additional Linux instructions.

Even if you do have SSL qualification on your content, DroidSheep will still be able to take a look at your content. However, DroidSheep will not be able to take a look at the actual content because it is encrypted.

DroidSheep APK / Source Code / DroidSheep Guard

Installation Process

By reading this, you will be able to install DroidSheep into your device safely.

  • Firstly, download DroidSheep from any link and once you are done downloading, open the application. Root permissions will be demanded if you want the app to function properly. There are lots of different root managers; the message will be according to the one you are using.
  • When you have accepted the root demands, the app will now demand you to install the Busybox.


  • Busybox contains many additional and useful Linux instructions. The Linux instructions are necessary to complete the needs of DroidSheep.
  • Just go to PlayStore and search for busy box and download it.


  • Once you have installed Busybox, a message will appear; Reboot your device and return to DroidSheep app.


  • Your DroidSheep app is ready to be used.


Troubleshooting DroidSheep

When we compare this app with others, DroidSheep is very easy to use. However, some problems may occur while operating DroidSheep. One of the very common problems is the app’s incompatibility with the modified Android versions. The ultimate solution to this problem is to go back to a previous version of Android for a while.

DroidSheep Guard

The DroidSheep Guard came with the app. This guard is responsible for protecting the app.

DroidSheep Alternatives


cSploit is just like DroidSheep. The source code to this app is easily available to the public.


zANTI is another app like cSploit and a great alternative for DroidSheep. It works fine on all the Android versions, even the new ones. If you need an advanced alternative, then zANTI is perfect for you. However, the interface of this app is a bit complicated to understand but other than that; it is a great app.