Easy Ways to Living Comfortably with Your Cat

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A cat comes with special attention and some form of adjustments in order to be accommodated comfortably. When you decide to bring a new cat or kitten to your home, it’s equal to getting a new member of the family. She will need some space, personal items, and your attention as well so as to feel welcomed.

To start with and to be able to interact and communicate effectively, your cat deserves to be given a name. It may seem a difficult task, but it’s very easy to come up with a list of badass cat names for your new friend. A cat name makes it easy to call the attention of your cat and makes her also feel special and welcomed.

Sooner, your cat settles down and somehow coverts your home to become hers. You can start guessing what this means! Hence, it’s important to take some easy adjustment tips before you begin fighting over minor issues.

Allocate Some Space

Every family member has a bedroom and a place to sit in the living room, and your cat should get too. Providing a comfortable and cushioned bed at a convenient location will prevent your cat from disturbing you at bedtime or resting on the seats. Besides, a private place to lie and rest reduces the amount of fur on furniture.

Cats are predators by nature, and that’s while you will find them perching on trees and other high places. This way of life is very satisfying and can be introduced to your house by availing of a cat-tree. This is a comfortable climbing structure and cleverly designed for felines.

Trim Nails or Change Furniture

Cat claws are naturally designed for hunting, which is a rare event for your domestic one. Also, a healthy cat will have its claws grow very fast. They make your cat have the urge to keep scratching the walls, trees, and even your furniture. Hence to avoid unintended disappointments, you better trim the claws regularly to make them comfortable and less harmful.

Alternatively, if you can afford to do a home makeover for the sake of your new family member, there are scratch-free furniture available in the market. These are investments worth your current and future pets and are also durable than the ones made from ordinary materials. Either way, you must keep your temper down since this behavior is natural and not their fault.

Find Time to Play

Your cat will have a lot of energy after feeding and might decide to get hyper with items in the house. It can be very annoying to find items thrown all over, especially if you love a neat house. Instead, schedule some time to get rid of those calories by playing with your cat and exercising regularly.  She will keep calm after that and have a peaceful sleep. It’s also a perfect way of keeping your cat healthy and free from diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Feeding the Right Way

Cat food comes in a variety of texture and smell. Some food can mess your house if they are not served in the right way. Since cats are feed by biting food, ensure the feeding plate is shallow to allow her to grab the last kibble comfortably without leaving crumbs on the floor. She can also be very jumpy, especially when her meals are delayed and will make sure you get the message. Therefore, keep the feeding time regular as much as possible.

Monitor Movements

Keeping track of the movement of your cat in and out of the house is primarily for her safety. Installing a cat door is one way to achieving this objective effortlessly. This door comes with security features and can be used to dictate when your cat can or can’t go outside. It also helps to keep the house clean by limiting access during the rainy days.

Take Away

Cats are curious, and before they can settle down, they get to familiarize themselves with their new home, both indoors and outdoors. They also devise some survival tactics, like sneaking in and out when they feel like but even risking themselves to other wild cats. They also become playful on your furniture, carpet, and small items like dolls.

In the process of enjoying themselves, cats can also become naturally destructive to household items. However, with a few adjustments, it becomes comfortably easy for the two of you to live in the same environment. And you will both live happily thereafter!