Truly Exciting & Relaxing: Review Of The TTDeye Polar Lights Grey II Colored Contact Lenses

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Hi Folks! In my friend circle, I have many friends who are fond of wearing coloured lenses daily. The consensus that I come to know from them is that – they’re incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. However, even after learning about the extreme positivity, I have never tried them out ever in my life.

How Did I Decide To Wear Coloured Contact Lenses?

From my childhood days, I was taught by parents that old-school glasses are the best when it comes to eyewear, and therefore my mind developed several misconceptions about contact lenses in general. But, if you’re like me who is short-sighted, these same glasses can prove to be a handicap sometimes, which is why contact lenses can be a huge blessing in disguise for people like me. I realised this fact much later onwards, as I was also aware of the fact that wearing glasses made me look dorky and lose my self-confidence, which is why I decided to go with contact lenses for the first time. This was also a great way to escape wearing glasses every day. Don’t get me wrong, a reliable pair of glasses frames are great for once in a while, but contact lenses are just as good.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that wearing the wrong contact lenses can prove to be harmful in the same manner as wearing a faulty pair of glasses, so I dedicated my time doing more research on which contact lenses to buy. Since I like colourful items, it was a no-brainer for me to select coloured contacts for my use case scenario, but I was particularly confused regarding which brand to pick. There were not a lot of brands doing such a business, so I reached out to my friends who were already wearing these – so that I could get some much-needed suggestions.

That was when I was recommended by one of my closest friends to look up this brand known as TTDeye and visit their website for more information regarding their products. Just like with all new things, I was highly excited about the same and found TTDeye’s website by just Googling their name.

What Did I Actually Purchase?

First impressions of the TTDeye’s website was extremely positive. They had a clean looking website with very legible fonts and pictures. Moreover, their prices were affordable, and they had a whole bunch of colours to choose from. I was instantly flummoxed as to what I should choose, and that was when I decided to go with the TTDeye Polar Lights Grey II Colored Contact Lenses.

These natural contacts had the perfect colour combination that I wanted along with a reasonable price of $31.20. The buying procedure was seamless as I had to choose my prescribed Dioptre in each eye and then add the same to the cart. You can buy non-prescription, i.e. 0.00 lenses as well.

Moving on, when it came to the checkout, I was surprised to see that the shipping was free of cost and they also provide worldwide shipping without charging for a single dime. This was quite a shock to know because I believed that they would charge a hefty price for transportation – which was certainly not the case.

What Are My Opinions About These Lenses?

Once I had placed my order, within two to three days, I received my order tracking ID. The package finally reached me within two weeks from my initial order date, and I was okay with the shipping time – since it was all free of cost. The package was nicely put together with no signs of damage, and it had enough protection to safeguard the inside items. Inside the package were my lenses along with some accessories.

These lenses had a mixture of light and dark grey circles and were perfect to be used by people who have either light grey eyes or dark grey eyes. Since I have dark grey natural eyes, it was not a problem for me to wear these. On the first try, these lenses felt incredibly smooth and comfortable, and I was happy to find these lenses came with UV protection.

As a general rule of thumb, you all should know that if wearing any contact lens irritates you, then most probably that lens is not of good quality, and you must discontinue using such lenses. But, that was not the case here. They never scratched my eyes, and I could wear them for more extended periods at a stretch.

One of my friends suggested I use eye drops in case my eyes got drier, which I totally took the advice and bought myself a bottle of eye drops – just in case I need it. Sporting these coloured lenses was indeed fun, and I wished I tried these products earlier. However, I should be mentioning that these lenses have a useful life of 12 months. So, if you can take care of them in the right manner, you can expect them to last for a long time.

One thing I forgot to mention was that – these lenses were soft to touch, and the material that was used in the manufacture of such lenses were indeed excellent. I had no complaints whatsoever on that front and was highly pleased with the final results.

TTDeye Contact Lenses

Closing Thoughts

I’d never thought I’d say this, but I have to agree that these contact lenses indeed changed my overall appearance and gave an insane boost to my total confidence. Moreover, people like me who always lead a hectic and strict life, cannot afford to compromise their eyesight prowess – otherwise, it might affect their confidence and productivity. After all, these types of eyesight issues are not short-term and carry on for the entirety of a human life, which is why you always need to invest in the best possible eyewear accessories.

Fortunately, for me, it was all set – I was incredibly happy with my purchase from TTDeye, and even to this day, I wear it every time without any issues. Sometimes, change is done for obtaining better results, and I did the same with my life. And if you’re someone who is on the fence to try out coloured lenses, I highly recommend them from now on!