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Exclusive Range of Clover Systems

Clover POS system is a type of cloud based Point Of Sale which is based on Android. It was launched in April 2012. It is amazing software that can help you to track the inventory, make payments easily without any hurdle, make report and print all documents at a time. The best thing of Clover POS system is that it comes with the user manual that provides step by step instruction for the common users.

How Clover POS systems can change your business?

The varied ways of making payment is a big thing in every business. Some people may like to pay through credit card or debit card, some may like to pay through EVM chips and some will use payment wallet. No matter whatever your customer like Clover POS systems will enable you take payment in every mode.

With the help of Clover POS system, your customer can make payment safely and securely and it will help you to get paid faster than ever imagined. Thus, it is a great tool for any kind of business. With the help of it, you can sell more whereas you will be paid faster.

What is Clover Mini POS?

Clover Mini POS is a compactable device that will fit into any business. The advantage of the Clover mini POS system is that it is a small device and do not require too much space to fit. Thus, it has the advantage that you can start your small business with Clover Mini POS and make your business grow. It offers large scale solution and helps you to achieve your business goal without any difficulties.


How Clover Mini POS help to grow your business?

Clover Mini POS is an ideal device for small scale businesses. For example, for the business like retail and restaurants, Clover Mini POS help in taking orders, scheduling, maintaining the inventory swiftly and conveniently. One major advantage of Clover Mini POS for business is that it can process the payment at a lightning fast speed, be you are running a food trucks business, or you have set a stall at a festival or you have a restaurant – Clover Mini POS is best for every type of business.

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