Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online – Top 30 List (Updated 2024)

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If you are new to the word “Manga” and don’t know much about the free Manga sites, then here you have come to the right place. However, basically, Manga refers to the type of those Japanese comics that actually comes along with the unique storyline, as well as in-depth plots, and of course, some unique characters.

Though the manga also contains a wide range of styles such as action-adventure, or sometimes full of business and commerce, detective, comedy, historical drama, mystery, horror, romance, fantasy, and science fiction, sexuality, games, and sports, suspense, and much more.

Furthermore, according to the reports, Manga also published in the form of series, and it’s every series comes along with 20 to 40 pages.

Whereas it is a little bit different from those American comics where they especially targeted the younger people. Therefore, manga is very famous and yet very popular among people of all ages and environments in Japan.

Although manga is introduced in Japan, however, it is also very popular throughout the world. People of all ages like to read manga despite nationality, gender, or even age. People love to choose Manga online, and here we gathered the top 30 free manga sites, especially for you all.

1. Manga fox

This would be the best choice for all of those Manga fan lovers, through Manga Fox, you will be able to download or even read online without any issue. This is actually one of the top sites available to give you access to free reading or even downloading comics.

2. Book Walker

Here comes another popular site by the manga fan’s first selection in Japan. However, with the use of the website, you will find an easy option to read Manga, and as well as the website also sells Manga books, along with some free book options as well.

3. Manga Reader

Manga Reader is available for fans and comic readers who love to read Manga comics throughout the world. So, just go to this website and you will absolutely get the option of free Manga download and you can even read comics online.

4. Manga Rock

Manga Stream is our fourth choice, which allows people of all ages to enjoy their reading time free of cost. You can read Mangas online without any restrictions. In addition, through this website, you can even get the experience of almost reading every Manga online for free.

5. Mangago

Mangago offers titles from various genres, including adventure, action, shoujo (for girls), history, comedy, thriller, and more. Mangago is the largest provider of mangas since it has more than 1 million pages ready to be read right now!

6. Manga Here

Manga Here is the best option for you to read and enjoy comic Manga online without paying any cost at all. However, through this website, you can even find some latest Manga news along with the latest spoilers. You will be able to easily read different types of online Manga like romance, girls, comedy, and much more.

7. Comico

With the help of this website Comico, you will get the easiest way to find your favorite Manga comic and read it online without any issue. The website is also very popular throughout Japan. However, you need to make sure to understand Japanese to operate the website. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get access or find difficulties in reading their mangas.


Here on this platform, Manga lovers can read their favorite Manga online absolutely free of cost, and of course, this website allows you to even download the comics right on your mobile devices so that you can read free manga online anytime, anywhere.

9. Kiss Manga

Kiss Manga is one of the best websites available for users to read their favorite Manga online for free. However, the website even allows you to even watch your latest anime series directly on the website for absolutely free.

10. Manga Panda

Manga Panda has become very popular and famous nowadays, and also, the website allows its users to search and find their favorite series of the latest comic of manga online. Although, these latest manga comics are basically arranged in alphabetical order.

11. Manga Park

Manga Park has all the latest top Manga comics on the website, which are also free of cost to read or even download. You will surely enjoy the latest and upcoming series of comics on the website for free online.


BATO.TO is one of the best free online Manga book sites available for you all. What’s more, you can discover Manga groups, and as well as you can even go with the discussions on this site. You can likewise visit different clients through this Manga site. Likewise, you can even modify the latest and different topic style of this Manga site.

13. Manga Kakalot

Manga Kakalot will give you all options to explore, read, and download your favorite Manga comics online without any age restrictions at all. This is the best free online reading website for you in which you can Manga online for free with high quality.


Zing box will provide you with a variety of the latest and of course, the hot Manga series with high-quality Manga reading. However, you can even get the experience of reading out the different categories of Manga including drama, diffuse flowers, gender-bending, a shot, romance, comedy, and much more.

15. Manga Freak

MangaFreak’s easy and simple dark theme will always attract users towards it. It will make you feel good and further allow you to read your favorite comics right away. You can get MangaReader, where it will display the recently updated Manga comics.


Manageable is normally a new Manga website, but, of course, the website has packed with a huge number of 4,859 famous and yet very popular Manga comics so that you can easily read online, absolutely free, and as well, it will go to updated automatically.


The website has been made with a user-friendly interface and a very clean outlook so that you can easily find a large collection of your favorite Manga comics.


Ten Manga will also provide you with a clean and simple outlook, and it is one of the best places available on the internet to explore and read Manga with the perfect quality.


If you are searching for reading your favorite Manga online, then this website would be the best option for you to read your Manga comics online. However, the website has made with pretty well-organized content, and as well as OneManga is the right option for you to read and download comics.


You will find some latest Manga series on this website, which is accessible to read online free of cost. There are no age restrictions at all.

21. ComicWalker

ComicWalker is a new way to read Manga online for absolutely free. The biggest Manga comic publisher in Japan, Kadokawa, started its personal office service where people can read manga online for free. On this platform, there will be so many popular titles available.

22. Honto

This is actually published in the regional Japanese language. However, through the site, users will be able to read their favorite and top selected Manga online, this site contains an online store so that you can find both e-books and paper books.

23. AnimeNova

Another free option for Manga lovers, although, with the help of this site, you will find a great way to read both Manga and Anime, whereas, it is also available on your Android as well.

24. Viz

This one is also a very popular site available for Manga lovers, which also allows them to read and explore Manga comics on a daily basis absolutely free of cost.

25. Otaku Smash

Another famous Manga online service that also offers you services including different Manga on demand.

26. Comixology

Probably one of the biggest platforms for reading digital comics. Well, this site offers you a 30-day trial period as well, along with an opportunity to even go and purchase Manga books following or using the subscription service.

27. Weekly Shonen Jump

If you want to quickly find some new and the latest titles of the Manga, then you should probably visit there to check out the Manga comics further online.


This one is also a free online option for you to explore some new titles of Manga comics on this site. Also, the website provides Manga readers such great content starting from action, fantasy, adventure, and much more.

29. MyreadingManga

Well, there is an age restriction, and this website is only for adult Manga lovers. You can find some different categories of Manga with adult pictures.

30. MangaReborn

They give you a reason to read your favorite Manga online, and the actual goal of this website would be to easily and conveniently spread undiscovered manga throughout the world.

31. Renta

Renta is the best platform where it also sells comics and as well as mangas; however, the site also provides you with free chapters.