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Salt bae is a Turkish culinary specialist, butcher, restauranteur, and co-proprietor of the steak house chain ‘’Nurs-Et’’. This steakhouse was established in 2010 and had restaurants across Turkey and Dubai.  Salt bae is originally known as NusretGokce, born in Erzurum, Turkey, in 1983, belongs to a Kurdish family.

He became famous for his unique style of seasoning the meat, his way of preparing and flavoring meat turned him into an internet sensation. His fame came from a viral video ‘’Ottoman Steak’’ posted on his restaurant’s Twitter account on 7th January 2017.

That video was viewed almost 10 million times on Instagram, and he was given the nickname of ‘’Salt Bae’’.  This sensational move of salting and chopping meat is now recognized with this name.

Professional Career

He has always been passionate about opening his own eatery. Salt bae fulfilled his fantasy at the age of 27 years. The outlet he opened was a small eatery which contained only eight tables to serve and had only 10 members to work for him as a team.

He needed to improve and adapt to be the best gourmet he could be, he visited far places on the planet to try eateries and even found it obligatory to go to the USA, yet he was denied the visa expected to get into the nation.

Later on, things for Nusret improved a bit, and he was, in the end, got the visa approval to the US in the period of 2007 to 2010, where he worked for the restaurants and eateries for free with the main objective of getting diversified experience.

After coming back from the United States, Gokce opened his first restaurant again in Turkey in the year 2010 in Dubai in the year 2014 and named his restaurant Nusr-Et, with Et, which means ‘’Meat’’ in the Turkish Language.

Although his success expanded his total assets to a considerable notch, be that even then he stayed out of the limelight internationally until mid-2017, and things improved for Nusret when he uploaded his (now a famous) video on Instagram.

In that video, he was preparing a steak for one of his clients, sprinkling salt onto his lower arm and after that rubbing it into the meat, which turned out to be a very well known move with people around the world in general. People in Turkey, as well as over the world, gave him the moniker ‘’Salt Bae’’.

Highlights and Achievements of the ‘’Salt Bae’’

In December 2017, he got an analysis for a 2016 picture of him standing before a picture of Fidel Castro. He recently launched his steakhouse in Miami, and Cuban-Americans reacted harshly, vowed not to a foot in his restaurant.

In September 2018, the video of the leader of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro eating in Nusr-Et was in the media. It caught the heat because two-third of Venezuelans have reported losing weight because of the shortage of food.

This chain eatery opened outlets in urban areas in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Turkey. His meat menu distributed in the New York Times. In 2017, he went about as an on-screen visitor character in Narcos film.

Interestingly, Salt bae is a performance artist in some series and movies i.e., cast as a guest role in Narcos (2015), Billions (2016) (Guest Role), and Survivor 2017 Turkey (2017) (Guest Role). The Nusr-Et Instagram handle at present has over 32 million followers.


Salt bae keeps his personal life so personal that anyone hardly got to know about his present or past relationship status. But what we know as of now that he has nine kids. Yes! You heard it right.

Salt Bae Net Worth

As of 2021, Salt Bae estimated net worth is $60 million. He made a fortune from the restaurants he had built over the course of 10 years. His restaurant, ‘’Nurs-Et’, has branches in many essential locations across the globe.