How Keeping A Journal Can Make You Mentally Stronger

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Actually putting pen to paper feels like a bit of a lost art these days, we all prefer to carry on scrolling, bingeing new shows or just messaging away during our evenings. However, it probably comes to no surprise to anyone to learn that this isn’t exactly the healthiest way to spend your downtime. The constant glow of the blue light never really allows our brains to switch off and slow down, so why not shake up your routine a little by taking it back to basics? There are so many benefits to journaling, but the best one is that it strengthens your mental state and makes you all around happier! Here’s how…

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Emotional Outlet

Hey, we’re only human, and sometimes we are subject to some irrational emotions that we didn’t welcome into our lives. When left unspoken or unaddressed, these can come out in weird, wonderful and ugly ways, so they’re best dealt with head on to avoid any outbursts that you really didn’t mean. How to deal with these emotions you ask? Journaling of course! Writing out your strong feelings and having a quick think about why you’re having them, who’s triggering them and how to work them out is only going to help to bring more clarity and balance to your life.

Critical Thinking

Sometimes, we are presented with topical problems, ethical issues and moral conundrums that can leave us feeling a little stumped. It can be difficult to find a safe place to explore topics that you aren’t so sure how to approach but turning to a diary can help you to figure out the bigger questions in pure privacy. You’ll be free from judgment or alternate viewpoints whilst you think critically and learn more about yourself along the way.

Recording Moments, Thoughts and Feelings

Special memories, profound thoughts, and overwhelming feelings are all part of what makes us who we are, so why would we want to forget them? Recording down significant events, thoughts, feelings and moments immortalises them and encourages you to reflect on yourself and your life.


Taking the time to note down three positive moments, aspects or thoughts within your day is kind of transformative. It might seem like a tiny thing, but honestly, the power of finding three positive parts of your day, every single day, might just change your life. At the end of the year, you can look back on your days and weeks with some serious joy – there’s no way you won’t have a smile on your face when you’re reviewing your gratitude notes!


Using the muscles in your hands, recounting your day and planning your future appointments or schedules all help your memory to develop and potentially strengthen. We all need to work on our brainpower as we get older, and no, the same work day-in-day-out isn’t a sufficient means of testing our most important muscle! You should be putting your brain to the test by recounting, rewriting and recalling different aspects of your day. This is a quick, easy way to keep yourself mentally sharp.


With all the talk, products and buzz words around the elusive concept of “self-care”, it can feel like yet another part of our life that we’re just not doing writing – or worse, failing at. Taking a few still, quiet moments to jot down our thoughts, feelings, and musings are incredibly easy and effective for encouraging our busy minds to just switch off. No expensive essential oils needed here, just a pen and paper!

Whether you want to use some scrap paper, a simple notebook or a trendy bullet journal, your journaling process is going to be so helpful for you and your mind. Go on, try it out and see!