7 Balayage Colour Creations to Try This Season

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Balayage has become one of the most trending hair colours this season. In case you do not know it already, Balayage is a form of hair colouring technique. Most people think it is the same an Ombre but it really is not the same. What you might wonder next is, what is the difference and how can you tell.

Explaining Balayage

When hairdressers work on your hair to create the Balayage colours, they use a freehand. Unlike the case with ombre hair colour, where they need to make sections and cover the dyed hair with foil paper and even make you wear a cap. Using foil paper and a cap is a norm when it comes to ombre and other hair dying techniques. Mostly, hairdressers apply the hair colour on your hair with their hands. They have to sweep the colour through your hair with a backing board and brush.

7 Trending Balayage in Cardiff

You need to find the Balayage colours that suit you, your skin type, suit your personality. Generally, this hair colour style leaves women looking amazing and more radiant than before. If you are looking for a new look this year, then go for any one of these recommendations.

1. Sandy Blond

Sandy Blond

Blonde-haired people have a charm of their own, which is why everyone should try this new look at least once in a lifetime. When you get the sandy blond hair colour, you feel like a hot beach babe. As the hair strands end with radiance, the blond base looks even more natural. However, you must be sure that the hairdresser is great at this hair colouring technique.

2. Ash Purple

Ash Purple

The results of this hair colour are particularly in high demand in Cardiff. It gives you a super stylish look that makes heads turn wherever you go.

3. Babylights


If you want to lighten and at the same time make the hair brighter and keep it looking natural, then this is the one for you. The hairdresser makes delicate highlights in your hair, to create a youthful, gorgeous appearance that is timeless and priceless.

4. Balayage Highlights

Balayage Highlights

What makes this hairstyle famous is mainly the fact that it looks natural. The highlights this technique creates look as good as your real hair colour. The hairdresser paints the hair light naturally as a hand painting.

5. Brown


Having brown locks painted with “bronde” look great if you want to lighten your hair. Dark hair looks amazing but when mixed with streaks of light colour, they appear natural and make you look youthful and attractive.

6. Red and Brown

Red and Brown Balayage

This hair colour for Balayage in Cardiff is becoming very famous as well. It makes you look sophisticated and classy. The hair colour looks vibrant and rich and creates a chic appearance.

7. Black to Blonde

Black to Blonde Balayage

When you go for blonde highlights on black hair, they can look very contrasting. This is why the blonde Balayage is trending in brown-haired people. This technique makes the blonde hair colour blend in perfectly, making the transformation from black hair roots to somewhat darker blond hairstreaks. It looks chic and attractive.

Tips to getting Balayage in Cardiff

When you decide which look you want, make sure you go to the best hairdressers in Cardiff. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing where to go. The right hairdresser will have all of most of the following qualities:

  • Years of experience – The hairdresser would have a great portfolio based on the years of experience and types of hairstyles and colouring techniques they can handle with ease
  • Great customer reviews –There would be original customer reviews by customers telling you why you should choose the hairdresser
  • Affordable rates – Their rates would be competitive and worth every penny you pay
  • Use of branded hair products only – The best hairdressers in Cardiff use the best and reliable branded products that give great results
  • Great customer service – How they welcome you would tell you a lot about how wonderful the hairdressers are.
  • Excellent ambiance – Their interior décor and cleanliness will also give you an idea about their excellence
  • Perfect location for accessibility – The hair salon would be easy to get to and in the heart of Cardiff. Moreover, there would be nearby tourist attractions and eateries where you can have a great time before and after you get your services.

Now, you are set to get a new look this New Year’s Eve with your Balayage!