How Does Tires Size Impact UTV Performance?

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Whether it’s time for new radial UTV tires or not, anytime is a great time to consider getting bigger wheels. Lift kits can increase your ground clearance while four tires of the same size can provide other solid benefits. Read up on the advantages and disadvantages to make an informed choice about modifying your side-by-side.

Why Should You Get Bigger Tires?

First, it’s important to say that this is your UTV and you can do whatever you want with it. If you think massive tires look awesome, then enjoy your dream machine.

For performance increases, this mod is the most popular with the mud hole crowd. Mud bogging requires a specific setup to speed through the slop without getting stuck. Titanic tires let you maintain traction and stay above the soup. Rocky landscapes would be another reason to upgrade your rubber. Side-by-sides can easily be tripped up by uneven terrain without sufficient tire size.

Why Should You Not Get Bigger Tires?

Go big or go home doesn’t just apply to your rubber. If you want to completely alter your setup, you need to commit to it. The extra weight and increased angles of pull significantly increase the stress on all your components. Give serious consideration replacing your clutch now rather than waiting until it burns out. The same is true of your axles if your model is prone to breaking with tire increases.

The extra weight and leverage mean your acceleration and torque suffer if you don’t take steps to prevent it. UTV accessories such as the aforementioned clutch kit, an ECU tuner, and a gear reduction are all outstanding options.

Why Should You Stagger Your Tires?

Whether you get bigger tires or not, you have to decide whether you want to stagger your tires. As you’ve probably noticed, your side-by-side comes with front and rear tires. The reason for the distinction is that front tires are narrower, making the steering end more maneuverable while keeping the back end wide and stable.

One of the downsides is that you need to carry different sized spares in case of emergency. If you do choose gigantic tires, you also typically pay more for staggering, as this setup is less common over 30 inches.

Why Should You Not Stagger Your Tires?

If you want a more aggressive look for your UTV, get four tires of the same size. It allows you to put your machine on a rotation schedule to maximize tread life. You can also carry one spare more easily on the trails than a front and rear.

While staggered tires often cost more, uniform tires sometimes require replacing your wheels, which is even more expensive. They’re also less nimble than a front/rear setup, particularly if your vehicle lacks power steering.

For DIY mechanics with the knowhow, the best way to save money on these upgrades is to do them yourself. There are tons of superior UTV tires and lift kits that are perfect for your machine. Shop online to find the lowest prices without even having to put on a pair of pants.