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Robert Kardashian was a famous American law expert and businessman. He gained national recognition when he stood for O.J. Simpson as a friend and as his attorney during Simpson’s murder trial in 1995. Let’s have a look at Robert’s net worth in 2021.

Robert George Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 24th February 1944. He married Kris Houghton in the year 1978; she was his first wife. During their marriage, they were blessed with four children named Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob. They appeared on their family reality television series ‘’keeping up with the Kardashians’’ and its sequels.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

The road was bumpy, and the cart of marriage between Kris and George could not maintain the balance. In 1991 they ended their seven-year-old marriage. And in 1998, he tied his knot with Ashley, which was annulled in 30 days.

After that, he married Ellen Pierson in the year 2003, after dating three years he married Ellen has his third wife just six weeks earlier to his death.

George’s family belonged to America Originally. Helen and Arthur were his parents, who used to live in Southern California and were running a business of packing meat. He inherited the business from his parents. He had two siblings named Tom and Barbara, respectively.

George’s grandparents were migrants from present-day Turkey which was formerly known as Kars Oblast of the Russian Empire, now is known as Kars province in Turkey.

George spent his early life in Baldwin Hills in Los Angeles and received his early education from Susan Miller Dorsey High school. Later he joined the University of California from where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in the year 1966. Furthermore, Robert excelled in law and completed his law degree from the University of Diego’s Law School.

Unfortunately, Kardashian was diagnosed with a deadly disease, cancer, which affected his esophagus so seriously that he couldn’t survive, and within two months of diagnosing, he slept on a deathbed forever.


George Practiced as an attorney in a low field for almost ten years and then switched into the business he inherited from his parents. He, in collaboration with other fellows, founded a publication of trade by the name of ‘’ Radio and Records’’ in the year 1973.

That publication gave him and all the other fellow members a boost when they sold it after a period of six years. He then realized about his habit of mixing music during the movie in the theatre is in progress.

After this realization, he established a business company named ‘’ Movie Tunes’’ based on this idea. In that organization, George worked as a President and also had the full responsibilities of the CEO of the company, later invested in Juice Inc., a frozen yogurt company. He was also the owner of Concert Cinema; its main business was to deal with music videos.

During his career as a lawyer, he worked the state in the murder case of O.J, Simpson again. Simpson was his friend since 1970s, Simpson was accused of having murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Through George’s argument in favor of O.J. Simpson in the case, all the charges on his were dismissed. This case came in court after George paused his law career for years, just to help his friend Robert renewed his law practicing license just to combat the rise of Simpson’s case. George volunteered Simpson’s team including Robert Shapiro and Johnnie Cochran.

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Awards & Achievements

Robert George Kardashian was bestowed with ‘’The 2016 Angel Award’’ which was received by his first wife Kris Jenner on his behalf because he passed away in 2003 due to cancer.

Robert Kardashian Net Worth

As of 2021, Robert Kardashian had a projected worth of about $30 million. At the time of his death, he had managed to accumulate. He accomplished all of his assets through a number of jobs he performed in his life. Robert worked as a lawyer for a decade. Besides that, he ventured into several businesses, Kardashian also appeared in their family reality show as well.

He participated in his tough daily life from being a child to his adulthood for fifty-nine years and died in the year 2003 on 3rd September due to cancer.

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