5 Top Free Task Management Software In USA

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Business owners and project managers around the world are relying on pen and paper for years to assign and track tasks of their resources. But times have changed and thanks to the technological marvels, we now have task management software that can help us in getting rid of the paper and pen, specifically for the task assignment purposes.

Task management software is an online application that allows an individual who wants to assign tasks to his team members to do it properly without wasting time and energy. Task management software is usually an online application that is easy to download and/or install. Many times these applications are charged but today we have brought you a list of the top 5 free task management software in the USA region so that you could make use of them to increase efficiency in your daily work procedures.

1) Centrallo:


Centrallo is a task management tool that promises to centralize your life. It makes your life that is jumbled up with a bunch of lists and tasks completely organized, apparently which is a viable use of task managers as well. Centrallo app is available for use by both iOS and Android users. Moreover, it can also be used on an Apple Watch to prioritize lists and tasks within those lists that are of more importance. if you like Evernote’s functionality but wish it could be tied to tasks, Centrallo is the apparent task manager you have been searching for.

Benefits – centrallo features a drag and drop interface, it saves information bits like articles and photos directly to the app and has a generous storage capacity of 1 GB for free.

Disadvantages – It doesn’t have any time tracking, has a limitation of 25 MB for attachment in the free version, and doesn’t comes with a passcode lock, also in the free version.

2) Meister Task:

Meister Task

Meister Task is a sheer reflection of the operating system it caters to. iOS. And like Apple, it also focuses on simplicity, aesthetics, and function. While the winning mix of these three ideals is very difficult to achieve, Meister Task comes really close to them. This kanban task management tool is so easy to use that you can start working with it from the very first minute of opening it on your phone or on your desktop pc. The free version of the tool includes two free integrations as well. Drive, Slack, Github, or Zendesk. Choose any two.

Benefits – Meister Task is very intuitive, and comes with a lot of integrations. It’s created using the OS platform.

Disadvantages – it doesn’t have any mobile version for Android yet and gives preference to developing for Apple only.

3) TaskQue:


TaskQue is the best free online task management software available to you, literally. It caters to all sizes of businesses helping them in easily assigning tasks and performance management. The task management software can be customized as per the individual requirements of each business, carefully tailoring every requirement for a complete and wholesome task management solution. Not only does TaskQue allow business owners and busy manager to manage and assign tasks effectively but also enable strict performance tracking through graphs and real-time analytics. Your resources will also feel at ease when could only see and receive one task at a time, pulling them away from workload stress, thus better productivity. TaskQue is available for free download and offers a free 30 day trial period to every signup.

Benefits – it allows you to effectively track performance, one at a time display of tasks, chat features to discuss ideas in real-time. Also comes with a 30 day free trial period.

Disadvantages – no time tracking features and comes with limitations in the free version.

4) Todo Cloud:

Todo Cloud

Todo cloud, as the name suggests is a to-do list, that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles attached to it and is pretty simple to go with. You can create your own tasks, order them by label or simply set a date and go. Tasks can also be broken down into multi-level priorities, starred, and focus (for tasks that should be completed the very day). This easy to use online task manager can also be used for collective members or teams. Users can comment on, share, and sync their to-do lists so that everyone is aware of each other’s tasks.

Benefits – Simple to use, cross-platform, and not too pricey.

Disadvantages – Requires Internet access and mobile apps are only available in the paid version.

5) TrackingTime:


Tracking time is the best task tracking tool for freelancers, as it provides a free task management option and free time clock software that aids in tracking the time spent on each of your tasks with ease.

Tracking Time doesn’t limit the number of projects or tasks, and it has powerful reporting tools to make sure everyone stays on track. Tracking Time is available on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android.

Benefits – Completely free time tracking solution, time tracking integrates with tasks, tons of integrations available (like Chrome, Asana, Slack, Jira, and more), and offers time estimates.

Disadvantages – Free version has no calendar functionality or custom reports.