Gaming Chairs – Which one is the Best for you?

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Being a hardcore gamer, you probably spend hours in a chair. So why wouldn’t you need a high quality games chair that makes the whole gaming experience much cooler? You need a gaming chair that is comfortable to sit in; it should support your back, and won’t ruin your spine in the long run. This is where the X Rocker chairs come in. Check out the reviews of best gaming chairs in the following video.

It might be overwhelming for you to choose the right fit because of wide range varieties available out there. This article will make it easy for you to choose the best X Rocker gaming chair.

X Rocker 51396 Gaming Chair:

X Rocker 51396

X Rocker 51396 is a lightweight gaming experience enhancer. It is highly rated from customers and comes with a lot of features for the price of only $200. Subwoofers embedded into the chair will help you in feeling the vibrations of the sound pump and there is no need for a headset. You need to lay back on the headrest to enjoy sound through wireless speakers.


  • It has high quality sound built into the chair
  • It supports any weight at any height
  • It is lightweight for mobility and small enough to be stored anywhere
  • It is compatible with any gaming console you have
  • It is easily set up with a straightforward included manual


  • Its cushions are not durable as compared to other gaming chairs.
  • As compared to other chairs armrests are not strong.
  • It has limited leaning back space.

X Rocker 51259 Gaming Chair:

X Rocker 51259

X Rocker 51259 gaming chair has an audio driven experience with built in functionality like the vibrator that you massage while you game. It gives relaxing experience and is relatively easy to setup. It is cross compatible that supports all current consoles.  However, the question is does it sustain for prolonged use and hardcore gamers?


  • It is great for those who have low budget
  • It’s soft cushion that forms around you and allows you to sit for prolonged gaming sessions with comfort
  • Its sound quality makes this chair one of the best audio driven gaming chairs on the market today with 4 speakers
  • It has built in wireless radio receiver and a wireless transmitter that comes with RCA output


  • Its power cord length is very small. It could have been made a little longer
  • The chair is not light in weight and moving it around will be difficult
  • Cushion will wear after some time
  • Spend some time, do research while choosing so that you too could be the proud owner of a dedicated games chair.