How Can Freelance Graphic Designer Leverage Instagram for Boosting Their Business

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Freelance Graphic Designer

As a promising graphic designer, Instagram must be an integral part of your online marketing and promotion strategy. The rapid speed at which Instagram is gaining traction, you simply cannot think of ignoring this versatile and powerful social media platform. Your clients and potential customers expect you to be on Instagram so that is the platform you must necessarily be on. Through building your unique Instagram presence, you would be successful in sharing your innovative and creative designs, getting critical feedback and finally, fulfilling your business goals. Instagram would help you grow as a freelance graphic designer in many ways.

Thanks to Instagram, you could now:

  • Communicate easily with all your clients.
  • Be far more visible on the SERP.
  • Boost sales and generate more leads for your business.
  • Build a reputation and a voice that should give your followers confidence in buying your products and regarding your brand as trustworthy.
  • Have access to real-time information on crucial news and developments in the graphic design sector.

If you wish to promote yourself as a freelance graphic designer, you must stick to this platform and be sure to achieve your goals.

What is the Reason for a Freelance Graphic Designer to use Instagram?

Reason for a Freelance Graphic Designer to use Instagram

As a graphic design artist, it is mandatory for the world to know about you and your work. You may be having a portfolio but that may not be of much help if there is a lack of exposure. Instagram is a popular, versatile, and vibrant social networking site that focuses primarily on visual content. Instagram users use this platform for drawing inspiration and also, for establishing their niche. Irrespective of whether you are an animator, photographer, illustrator or you are specializing in some other branch, there is bound to be someone who would appreciate your work and draw inspiration from your creative content. You could use this amazing platform for showcasing your work and building your own personal brand. You may get in touch with Gramblast for seeking professional assistance in getting more likes and followers and smart digital marketing solutions.

Instagram Strategy for Graphic Designers:

While numerous designers are utilizing this platform for showcasing their work, you must realize that it involves a lot more than simply sharing snapshots of all your creative work. You must adopt a sharp Instagram strategy to boost your freelance graphic design business. If you seem to be an artist primarily interested in grabbing the attention of local companies or local clients, then it is imperative to take advantage of Instagram’s feature called geotagging. You may geo-tag your post to attract the attention of local companies and customers. Suppose you wish to grab the attention of some precise brands or individuals, you may comment on their posts or tag them. This way you could successfully capture their attention and effectively build rapport.

The other important facet of Instagram that is often overlooked by graphic designers and other creative professionals is its amazing video sharing functionality. With a quick and high-quality video, you could showcase easily a time-lapse of your creative project. You could alternatively provide a quick and relevant commentary on a creative design from your portfolio. In this context, always remember that Instagram video would be grabbing more attention and boosting more engagement as compared to any static pictures.

Expert Tips for Improving Your Freelance Graphic Design Business on Instagram

Customize Your Profile:

Customize Your Profile

Your clients would be seeing your Instagram profile first, once they visit your Instagram account. So your profile is like a window to your soul and you must learn effective ways of impressing your audience by showcasing those aspects prominently that describe your creativity and unique work as a graphic designer. Here are some important points to take note of:

Profile Picture: Choose a picture that represents your business or you. You could consider using your logo or even a picture that demonstrates perfectly some feature that is characteristic of you.

Business Name: Consider using a nice name that people would find it difficult to forget. Do not use a complicated name as your visitors would not remember what exactly your profile entails. Be focused while choosing your business name like that could be regarded as your distinctive personal brand

Body: You may take this opportunity to include a short bio in the body. You may describe who you are, your skills & abilities, profession, and you could infuse a personal touch by simply adding emojis or writing about your hobby. You could demonstrate your human side to all your followers by including your hobby, for instance, Graphic Designer/ Video Editor/ Voracious Reader.

Links: Instagram allows users to incorporate links into their profiles, so you could take maximum advantage of the fact and use an effective link for redirecting all your followers to your freelance graphic design company’s website where you have hosted your portfolio or showcased some of your recent projects.

Be Consistent When It Comes to Content:

You must keep in mind that the content that you would be posting on Instagram is actually of critical importance. As a freelance graphic designer, you must have a brilliant portfolio that would be showcasing or highlighting your unique and creative work to your possible clients. Suppose you are a budding graphic designer and until now you have only worked on just a few big projects and so you have created some banners, illustrations, t-shirt mockups etc. Remember you could present all your fascinating graphics work on this popular social media platform not only to gain exposure but also to prove your competence and experience.

Remember with Instagram, it is crucial to keep updating your posts. The secret to success is posting new high-quality content on a regular basis so that your profile would showcase a broad spectrum of fascinating posts for the users to see.


If you are a budding freelance graphic designer, you must follow those who inspire you and share the same passion. Initially, it could be an overwhelming affair and a challenging task to get followers but with time you could learn all the tricks discussed above and start exploring the platform. You could initiate by following people with similar interests so that those people would visit your profile out of sheer curiosity. If they find your content fascinating, they would not only like your posts but also, follow you back.