Google Said to Debut Pixel Phones, Echo Competitor, VR Headset and More in October

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Google said to debut Pixel smartphones in Oct

Fall has a tendency to bring new equipment from Google, which principally includes new Nexus cell phones worked paired with OEM accomplices. This year, things could be entirely distinctive since Google has various equipment ventures in progress, and the Nexus brand is purportedly being supplanted with a Pixel-badged line of cell phone gadgets.

All will be revealed on October 4, according to a new report from the generally reliable Android Police. At an event dedicated to hardware on that day, the Android maker will reveal two Pixel phones, one called Pixel and one called Pixel XL, which will be 5-inch and 5.5-inch phones respectively.

These will be HTC-built devices, according to the publication, which is different from other Pixel hardware, including the Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C tablet, whose design is handled in-house by Google itself.

Google said to debut Pixel phones

Other hardware set to get show time at this event includes the Google Home smart speaker, which the company showed off at I/O this past May and a headset for Daydream VR created in-house. Daydream VR was also part of I/O’s announcements and is the VR platform built into Android Nougat available to all Android smartphones that meet its minimum hardware specs. Finally, there’s also going to be a version of the Chromecast that supports 4K. Chromecast last got a refresh in late September 2015.

As specified, the planning fits as far as Google’s past practice with invigorating Nexus equipment. Commonly, Google takes after soon after Apple’s presentation of its own gadgets, and begins delivering the new unit practically quickly from that point.