Healthy Breakfast Ideas for College Students

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A healthy and well-balanced diet is key to a long and active life. As usual, students ignore healthy dishes and prefer useless junk food or high-calorie snacks, which is super dangerous.

As a rule, students study a lot. That’s why they need a lot of energy and power. Don’t forget that one of the most important meals of the day is breakfast, so it must always be nutritious.

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Breakfast with Eggs

I hope you know how useful eggs are. This product is a must for anyone who wants to be fit and healthy. As usual, all the dishes from eggs are tasty and easy-to-cook. Now it’s about time to check a cool recipe that includes eggs down below.

Omelet with Tomatoes and Cheese

If you adore eggs and vegetables, this dish will be perfect for you. To cook Omelet, you have to take some simple and budget ingredients. Grab three eggs, 0,5 ounce of milk, two middle-sed tomatoes, some grated cheese, and olive oil. Also, don’t forget about your favorite seasoning and salt.

Prepare a bowl and mix all the ingredients, except oil. Heat the frying pan and add oil there. Then pour eggs with tomatoes and cheese and cook until it’s ready.

Sweet Breakfast

It’s super hard to find a person who doesn’t like sweets and sugared products. Unfortunately, as usual, all the products that contain sugar are extremely useless and don’t have any benefits for health and body.

Don’t be afraid, there are a lot of sweet products that will not harm you, but rather will provide more energy and supply you with vitamins. Check a great breakfast idea for a real sweet tooth.

Oatmeal with Fruits

What can be easier than pouring porridge with boiled water and enjoying a tasty breakfast? Unfortunately, nowadays, there is a lot of ready-made oatmeal with sugar and high calorie dried fruits. This kind of meal will never add power to you. If you want to eat healthy oatmeal, better cook it by yourself. There is nothing complicated!

Take 3 ounces of oatmeal, some sliced fresh fruits or berries (strawberries, apples, raspberries, apricots, etc.), two tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of butter and boiled water.

To serve the dish, put oatmeal in a bowl and pour boiled water. Wait 5 minutes till porridge will be ready, then add sliced fruits, honey, and butter. That’s it! Enjoy!

Fast Breakfast

Another idea is best for students who have no time in the morning. As usual, a quick breakfast for students is junk food or a sweet bar. Fortunately, there are a lot of healthy dishes that don’t need a lot of time for preparation.

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Rye Bread Toast with Peanut Butter

Who doesn’t like toasts or sandwiches? As a rule, we put fried bacon, cheese, and high-calorie sauces. People who care about their appearance always prefer useful rye bread and nutritious peanut butter.

To make a healthy toast, you have to grab some rye bread pieces, two tablespoons of peanut butter, and some honey. Put bread in a toaster and cook till golden color, then put peanut butter and honey. Your fast breakfast is ready!

Final Words

As you saw, healthy food is not only celery or cabbage, which we used to see on TV shows about healthy lifestyles and nutrition. Also, to eat properly, you shouldn’t spend a lot of your money. To have good nutrition, you don’t need to spend hours over the oven. I hope our recommendation and recipes were helpful, and you changed your mind.