How Everyday Americans Found Relief During the COVID-19 Crisis with Fashion Nova and Cardi B

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How have you and your family been affected by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic? While the world has been isolated at home and with millions of Americans struggling to stay afloat, reputable brands, celebrities, and philanthropists are showing their support and donating to the cause. Los Angeles-based fashion e-tailer Fashion Nova, in collaboration with hip hop icon and fashion queen Cardi B, have orchestrated Fashion Nova CARES, a Covid-19 relief initiative providing financial aid and fulfilling wishes for hundreds of American families.

The charitable initiative, announced by Cardi on her Instagram Live channel on April 8th, is giving $1,000 to select individuals every hour until May 20th – a total of $1 million given away over 6 weeks. Interested participants submit their contact information and a brief story of how COVID-19 has affected their lives, and Cardi herself is filtering through the thousands of stories of hardship and struggle. With frustrating delays in receiving stimulus payments and unemployment offices overwhelmed around the nation, Cardi B is dropping dollars directly to those most affected by the catastrophic pandemic.

Fashion Nova, established in 2016 by CEO Richard Saghian, was built upon its community-based mission to offer high fashion, on-trend apparel, and accessories at affordable prices. Its fast-fashion model offers hip styles from the runway to a digital retail machine bolstered by celebrity endorsements, contemporary fashion, and convenient e-commerce. It offers must-have gear and vintage attire that are attractive, affordable, and globally accessible. In light of the public health crisis, Fashion Nova has added well-made, fashionable face masks to its catalog’s everyday assortment.  Aside from the giveaway, Fashion Nova is effectively serving its customers by offering considerable discounts, free shipping, extended returns, and its innovative Pay Later program where a 25% deposit fulfills orders followed by three future payment installments. Its promo code STAY HOME says it all.

The brand has evolved swiftly and expanded into menswear and an exclusive Curve Collection. Fashion Nova offers consumers lavish lifestyle looks without breaking the bank. Celebrities and consumers have bought into the American success story spawned from “Instapopularity.” Initially promoted via word of mouth and eventually becoming a powerhouse across the digital spectrum, Fashion Nova’s powerful website and compelling social media content are engaging, appealing, and aspirational. Cardi’s been an active spokeswoman for the brand, also Insta-hyped by Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, and Adrienne Bailon. Influencer selfies and eye-catching imagery fill the social media sites. The stimulating content emotionally connects with and convinces consumers to keep their heads up, spice up their fashion sense, and find must-have threads from the comfort of their own couch…or closet in this case.

Fashion Nova CARES backed by Cardi B is rewarding the household heroes across America who has been sacrificing their time, safety, and savings accounts to sustain their family’s core essentials. With over 80 million Instagram followers between the brand and the Bodak Yellow bombshell, the partnership has helped embrace and convey the hardships absorbed by families all over the nation.

The rap artist from the Bronx first collaborated with Fashion Nova in 2018 with the launch of her chic, shapely clothing line. That sparked the buzz resulting in Fashion Nova becoming the #1 searched fashion brand on Google in 2018 alongside couture trendsetters like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Supreme.

The second collection in 2019 sold out and cashed in $1 million in sales on its first day.

During the COVID-19 Crisis with Fashion Nova and Cardi B

However, Cardi B is not just a pretty face with a bold attitude and exotic fashion sense. She is a business mogul, active spokeswoman, and role model selflessly supporting hard-hit families impacted by Covid-19. The hip hop sensation is no rookie when it comes to giving back and speaking out on behalf of her fans and personal beliefs. She recently recorded a plea encouraging minorities and immigrants to make sure they represent in the Democratic primary election and the US 2020 census. Even a clip of Cardi saying “Coronavirus” has been remixed as a top-selling single with all proceeds contributed to COVID-19 relief.

In today’s challenging retail environment, shopping malls and retail stores have doubts and uncertainty about their brick and mortar sustainability. With many brands expected to file bankruptcy and in full-fledged survival mode, e-commerce and social media conversions have skyrocketed up business owners’ priority list. The pandemic has forced every company to re-assess strategies and pivot on the fly. Fashion Nova has set the framework for a massive online presence immersed in brand loyalty. Its message is clear and its consumer is content with sophisticated, sexy outfits that are accessible and affordable for everyone. Its audience is encouraged to shop, share, and showcase their style among their social circles.

Fashion Nova’s top priority with this effort is to help Americans enjoy extra time at home with their families without constant worry and fear for their health, safety, and financial well-being. This monetary support and the genuine passion behind it are giving families some semblance of hope and optimism, one grand at a time. The company has future initiatives in the works to continue the community building and relief efforts as the world regroups. The brand has always been inspired by the diversity, lifestyles, and powerful perseverance of devoted individuals across the country.

Each recipient of the $1,000 shared a heartfelt, often tragic, a story describing family members infected with Covid-19 or who have lost jobs and sources of income. Millions of Americans are fearful and nervous about what’s to come and whether they’ll have enough money to pay bills and provide meals for their families. This initiative gives a glimmer of hope for many in major need.

One worthy winner of the giveaway is a cosmetologist and mother of 3 girls in Tennessee. Her office’s closure has made her unable to work and provide for several months. An Army veteran and single mom in South Carolina is the only member in her home currently generating any income. She will allocate her financial prize to pay off escalating expenses and help provide for her family at home, which includes her elderly father. Another $1,000 check was mailed to a Colorado mother of four, two of which have disabilities. She will use the money to support upcoming rent payments and mounting bills.

A 51-year old Certified Nursing Assistant in Indiana received the extra funds. She’s relocated to her couch so her 30-year old son who tested positive for the virus can self-quarantine in her bedroom. A 21-year old daughter from the Bronx who recently lost multiple jobs and now lacks any foreseeable income will use the extra funds to feed herself, her mother, and her brother living under her roof. Other winners were essential workers who remain at work and constantly put themselves at risk, a dedication that is courageous, admirable, and invaluable.

A noble Georgia woman working at a low-income elderly clinic says she is committing her winnings to help fund care packages of food and necessities for senior citizens who cannot go out on their own. Another recipient is a nurse in Massachusetts who will use the extra money to buy groceries and household staples to support her kids. She also intends to give $100 to a neighbor who recently lost her job.

Stories like these inspire us and motivate us all to give a helping hand and pay it forward. Companies can be proud to spread the wealth and make a huge difference for families. Many are suffering to make ends meet not to mention losing much of their disposable income.

The response has been tremendous from the Fashion Nova CARES giveaway. The company recognizes the struggles and uphill battles confronting the nation. The $1 million contribution and continual recognition of every American directly reflect on the company built on care, consideration, and compassion for the people. Cardi B consoled her millions of fans by saying there is no shame in asking for help during this unpreventable time of misfortune. She hopes her exposure and relief efforts will give people a much-needed reminder that life is still precious, we are all in this together, and we will overcome and surge back with a vengeance.

So many citizens are being affected whether having a family member infected, losing their job, having hours cut and pay reduced, burdened with kids at home, and facing mounting bills and seemingly insurmountable debt. The essential workers that remain at work are constantly putting themselves at risk and serving the public in a manner that is courageous, admirable, and invaluable. With a society scrambling and a future uncertain, initiatives like Fashion Nova CARES help combat the crushing hits compromising the American people’s health, happiness, and ultimate livelihood.