How to Make a Video Louder Using Video Editor?

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Do you ever felt that you have made any video, has a very low voice? That is as low as you are struggling to hear the sound. Of course, it will be a ‘yes’. Because this is the situation, faced by many of us, most of the times. The reason for that situation may any of our minor mistakes, like whether you are very far from the captured incident or you have accidentally left your finger on phone mike and many more.

Here is something that can really help you out in this. This situation can be easily tackled by Movavi video editor. That makes your less sounded clip to sound louder. It will boost the real joy of your video. Movavi Video editor can enhance the volume of your video either you are a Microsoft user or a Mac user so download now from here

You have to install Movavi Video Editor:

You should start by downloading the Movavi Video Editor first. It is simple to download and install. You need to select the option about whether you are a Microsoft user or Mac user. Just downloaded it.

Proceed to add the required clip:

After the complete installation, you need to add the file or video clip of which the volume is needed to be increased. For this action, you need to open the volume editor and select “create project in full feature mode” which is mentioned in the program window. Then, select ‘add media files’ and select that particular media file that sounds need to be louder. Now, you can see the clip in the bottom of that window.

Now it is time to make your video louder:

The next and most important step that can really make your video sound as per your requirement is the enhancement of sound. Now, you will select the added file and check for the ‘clip properties’. Then, you will see the cogwheel icon, the well-known setting icon. In the video tab of sound increaser, increase or change the volume setting. Thus you can make your video clip louder.

Finally, save your louder video to the designated folder:

You will be able to see the ‘export’ button in the lower right corner, click here. A dialogue box will open in front of you, from where you can select the appropriate format for your clip among the options like MP4, AVI and many more. Now, click on the ‘start’ button to save your file to the destination folder.

These are just little easy steps, which enable you to recreate your video that is easy to hear. The sound is the soul of any clip. If you are struggling to hear the clip, you can’t fully enjoy your joy with that particular file.

No need to rush for your headphone now while playing the clip; make it as louder as you can feel the merriment of that time. The louder clip that can bring you to that time, when it was captured.