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John Leonard Pepsi Net Worth

The founder of a famous multi-billion dollar soft drink company was John Leonard Pepsi. The name of this company was PepsiCo. In 1996, Leonard advertised his product and said that the people who drank Pepsi got the Pepsi point if they bought bottles or cans of Pepsi. He explained that these points buy some other things. He is also known for the Pepsi Points case. In 2024, John Leonard Pepsi net worth is around $1 million.

Biography of John Leonard

Name: John D.R. Leonard
Nick Name: John Leonard
Gender: Male
Birth Place: America
Date of Birth: February 1974
Birthday: February
Age: 48 years old
Nationality: American
Religion: Christianity
Height: 6 Feet  2 inch
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Parents: Mr. Leonard, Linda Leonard
Children: One son, One daughter
Spouse: Dottie Leonard
Profession: Park Ranger
Net Worth: $1 million

Early Life of John Leonard

John Leonard was born in 1974. His birthplace was Seattle, Washington, America. His father was Mr. Leonard, and his mother was Linda Leonard. When John was a child, his parents started a small business in Seattle, Washington.

At an early age, he wanted freedom and wished to visit different places and mountains. When John was 20 years old, got a jet. However, he was not a pilot.

Educational Background

John is not fond of studies. His mother admitted him to a private school in Seattle. He got his primary and high school education from here. After high school, he attended a Community College and got a degree in Business from there.

Career Journey

John Leonard has been a responsible person since his childhood. His mother, Linda Leonard, stated that John did many works in childhood. According to his mother, he worked as a paper boy, glass cutter, climbing guide, magazine seller, and window washer. He worked in different places.

He started his career in Pepsi Company in February 1996. He worked in Commercial Advertisement for Pepsi. In the advertisement, he said that if people used Pepsi and got 7 million points, the company would give them a brand new Harriet Jump Jet. He began to bring the trucks of different Pepsi products to drink. He and his family drank them a lot to motivate other people.

When people started to drink the products of Pepsi, John realized that the scheme Harrier Jump Jet was not better because the consumers of Pepsi could get $23 million in Harrier Jump Jet if they consumed only $700000.

Once he visited the mountains, he met a millionaire Charismatic, Todd Hoffman. His age was 40. He became the friend of Hoffman. John Leonard said to Hoffman that he needed $700000. He wanted to buy a Fighter Jet from a dink company named Fizzy Drink. Hoffman showed interest in the scheme of John and was surprised by his crazy idea.

Hoffman and Leonard took it seriously. They tried to give an ad again and again. Pepsi company was not serious about this advertisement. The company posted this ad as a joke. At that time, he was about 21. He started to deal with Harriet Jet and exchange it for 7 million points. They collected 7 million points with very difficulty. They did not get a Harriet Jet.

After many attempts, a Pepsi spokesman said only one person can get a Harriet Jet out of millions. The name of this person is John Leonard. In 1999, John lost his battle of many years. After losing, he only focussed on his hobby of climbing mountains.

He worked for Mount Rainier National Park as a backcountry in 1999. He started to guide the climbers at Denali National Park as a mountaineering ranger after three years. He works in the DC Bureau of the National Park Services.

Personal Life and Dating

John Leonard is a married person. He married a beautiful lady named Dottie. John and his wife have two cute children, one son and a daughter. He and his family live in Talkeetna, Alaska, America.

His wife is well-known as St. Louis, the Missouri native. John separated from his family when he battled for Pepsi. After losing his battle, he returned to his family. His family is living a happy life.

John Leonard’s Net Worth

John Leonard has gathered an amount of net worth through his practical life. His estimated net worth is about $1 million. He earns this net worth through the Pepsi company advertisement. He also worked as a guide for mountains.

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