90 Life Goes On Quotes That Will Inspire You In Life’s Struggle

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Life is not always easy. Sufferings are part of life. Sometimes you are happy, while sometimes you feel like crying badly. A lot of ups and downs come in everyone’s life. No human can say that he has never faced problems in his life. Also, no one can claim that he is the saddest person alive.

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Life Goes On Quotes

Every person faces every kind of emotion, but it depends on how they carry it; some people get depressed while others stay positive. We should try to help people and tell them that they are doing great in life. Life is never a thrones bed; bad things happen to say to us the good one’s value. Here are some quotes to cheer such people and tell them life never remains the same:

1.  “Friends leave, bad things happen, but life goes on.”

2. “Bad things make you realize how precious good things are.”

3. “Equipped or not, life changes eventually.”

4. “With misery or without life never stops.”

5. “Take the moment and make it magical.”

6. “Be happy even in saddest times.”

7. “Things change; life doesn’t.”

8. “Good days will come.”

9. “happy moments take time.”

10. “Cry but then get back to work.”

11. “don’t let negative thoughts invade you.”

12. “People will leave you but hold yourself together.”

13. “love hurts, but you have to be strong.”

14. “Being a girl is tough, but you have to be strong.”

15. “better days are waiting for you.”

16. “life is similar to chess, the king dies, but the game goes on.”

17. “Start accepting failure. It will make you more strong.”

18. “past won’t change, but your future can.”

19. “stop living in the past.”

20. “don’t wait for people who don’t know your worth.”

21. “struggles makes you brave.”

22. “struggles are a part of life.”

23. “don’t let depression take you over.”

24. “laugh. Love. Live”

25. “laugh even you don’t want to.”

26. “never lose hope.”

27. “Use the resources you have.”

28. “one step begins a journey of thousand miles.”

29. “Your fear makes you brave, forget the past life keeps moving.”

30. “do what you feel like doing.”

31. “Life will make you cry, but it will never stop for you.”

32. “Be strong and face the difficulties.”

33. “life is full of surprises. Never lose hope.”

34. “think about the future or stay stuck in the past. Life won’t wait.”

35. “get better or get bitter up to you, but life keeps going.”

36. “smile because things happened instead of crying on them.”

37. “carry joy. It will heal your heart.”

38. “dare to forget the past and step into the future.”

39. “People will stab you in the back, but life keeps going.”

40. “grief is a part of life; don’t stop because of that.”

41. “bright days will come.”

42. “There is the morning after every night.”

43. “Keep calm and keep moving.”

44. “take your time but try not to lose hope.”

45. “Stay positive and spread positivity.”

46. “try to live. Everyone can exist.”

47. “you will meet cruel people. That’s the part of life.”

48. “There is sun after every rain.”

49. “forget the mistakes and move forward with life.”

50. “be thankful for the blessings you have.”

51. “keep patience life keeps going”

52. “life is not always about winning.”

53. “accepting failures will make you stronger and braver.”

54. “to have a rainbow in your life, you have to put up with the rain.”

55. “never give up. You don’t know how close success is”

56. “you must live your life to write about it.”

57. “criticism makes stronger.”

58. “live each moment of your life without hesitation.”

59. “life is elementary itself. It is humans who make it complicated.”

60. “your courage decides whether your life will swim or shrink.”

61. “stop living your distress and start living your dreams.”

62. “dreams come true when you start facing the nightmares.”

63. “Life is too short for worries.”

64. “every moment is a new beginning.”

65. “There are no mistakes in life, but millions of opportunities:

66. “live your life well.”

67. “A wise dreams life, a fool plays with life and a tragedy for the poor, but it never stops.”

68. “There is some good even in problems try to find that good”

69. “Never look back, just focus on the future.”

70. “friends will leave you, people will hurt, but life won’t wait for you.”

71. “say bye to the past and greet the future waiting for you.”

72. “don’t stress over people. They are not worth it”

73. “You can either try to learn from your mistakes, or you can make the same mistakes again and cry over them.”

74. “you can change your thoughts by changing yourself.”

75. “things won’t get easier. You will have to get stronger.”

76. “try by working a little bit, and you will end with a massive amount of success.”

77. “Everything is possible.”

78. “you are smarter than you think you are.”

79. “hold on. Sufferings will end.”

80. “challenge your limits.”

81. “never lose your self-confidence.”

82. “Everything has an end, even your sufferings, and problems.”

83. “ignore your problems because life keeps going”

84. “forgive and move forward.”

85. “get out of your coziness because life would not wait for you.”

86. “write your own story.”

87. “forgive and forget.”

88. “You came this far that means life has something for you worth living for.”

89. “Whether you choose or not, life goes on.”

90. “no matter how bad today is, a better tomorrow is waiting for you.”


No doubt, life is full of unique and eye-catching moments, but failures and struggles are also part of the same life. One day you’ll feel like the happiest person. The very next day, you feel the burden of problems on your shoulder.

Life never promises anyone to be a bed of roses. There is a sound reason behind everything that happens in our lives. Our problems make us more substantial and make us realize how grateful we are to have a blessing.

We can’t control our problems, but we can make ourselves stronger and focus on making our future better. We should never let negative thoughts invade us but be positive and have faith in God as we will never leave ourselves alone. Just remember to smile and have patience. There will be amazing days in each of our lives.